EasyGo Challenger SE-7000 battery?


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Apr 28, 2020
I work in a scrapyard in and a customer scrapped a older ebike from around 2014. He said he was scrapping it because he "doesn't have the battery". The bike is in ok condition just some broken wires and the cables need a bit of adjusting. So here I am with this ebike which I;ve always wanted but I need parts for it to make it run again. I need info on how to get another Battery. The ebike model is EasyGo Challenger SE-7000. I tried the website "www.easygo.ca" written on the ebike but the website no longer exists. Any ideas where I can find another battery for this bike?

EasyGo Challenger SE-7000.jpg
Here's website in French with a picture of the Easy-Go electric bike including the battery. Looks like it takes a Lithium 36Volt battery if that's any help to you!

EasyGo Challenger SE-7000 01.jpgEasyGo Challenger SE-7000 battery.jpg
I recall that model from a trip to Canada back in 2010. From memory it's 36v and 500 watts. The brochure and the company looks like it is French.
Thanks for the help guys! I did some reading and I think it's called the BH EasyMotion. So maybe just re branded for as an EasyGo. Looks to be a 36V 500W rear hub motor. I tested the motor with a 24V car battery and the rear wheel powered up and spun. So looks like I need to find a replacement battery for her!
I just found one of these bikes can can anyone suggest a replacement battery