Battery Giant EnergyPack Li-ion 500 Wh - - 6con/3pin other solutions?


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Dec 16, 2023
I have a Giant Entour+ 2020. =

Very happy with it. Don't use the electric assist that much, especially on flat ground.


For hills, it is useful.

As I rode over 7000 kilometers in two years, I am now targeting 100 k+ rides. Even with minimal assistance, the battery will go only 70 kilometers.

I have been toying around with buying the Battery Giant EnergyPack Li-ion 500 Wh - - 6con/3pin, a bit more distance which costs new anywhere from 500€ to even 700€. =

Easy to add it as a backup/second battery during my rides by storing it in my MTS Topeak bag =

Now does anyone have an idea of a for instance a way of hooking up a CHEAPER second battery that I would switch to when the original Battery Giant EnergyPack Li-ion

400 Wh runs out of juice?

Or this is the road to destruction? =
- fires
- electrical connection problems

Should I just "bite the bullet" and shell out the $$$ or €€€ for the original Giant battery and carry it along as I mentioned?

Any ideas I would love to hear, been toying about this since the summer.

Thank you in advance
You are 1000% spot on to Ask - I do not own and I have not wrenched that Giant model.

That Giant mid-drive model was built for Euro/World market - and it "may"/"probably" has proprietary circuitry that ONLY allows Giant battery to be used .

Hopefully you can find out the answer here or elsewhere,

Keep the beat !
I am in the same boat as Fabbrisd. I am not familiar with that brand/model to know if the manufacturer "locks you in" on only approved battery packs. This has been seen to be the case on many of the major international brands.
I have a BH bike with a proprietary battery.I bought a cheap aftermarket battery to check if it will function& it does