Fusebox and fuses for 48V


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Nov 17, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
Now that I am part way through solving an electrical gremlin on my e-bike, it is time I looked at hard wiring up some accessories (front lights, rear lights, horn and indicators).

I would like to wire these to the main battery via a switch for each accessory function on the handlebar.

In the past I have had a neat install of 12V accesories in my vehicle and I would like to do something similar.

So I was thinking main cable from battery to fuse box, then individually fused connections to the e-bike motor and each accessory. I like fuse boxes with a negative busbar as I feel it produces a clean install.

The problem is most of the automotive fuse boxes are only rated to 32V, I use a marine Blue Sea Systems in my car.

Is there a brand that people turn to or fusebox recommendations for a clean install? What fuses do people use?

I have attached a dodgy sketch.

I intend to get the wiring done by a professional, but I would like to see what configuration is possible.

Is what I am hoping to do even possible?
Wiring Schematic.png

Battery: 48V 20AH Li-ion
E-bike motor: Bafang BBS002

My lights accept 12-48V. Havent looked into horn, but will try find out that has variable voltage input or 48V or use a converter.
Frankly - unless you are planning a Handlebar-Mounted-Winch - I don't think think you will need a Fuse Block - do you ? A 48V-t0-12V "2amp mini buck converter "is like $12 -$13 solid state WR sealed module - LED lights and Horn are all low draw don't you think ?
Yeah I was thinking the same: A solution in search of a problem. Really we don't use gadgets on these bikes that have any sort of output that might warrant a fuse. Just putting one on the battery is a form of overkill as it is because the BMS inside has its own current limit that will pop if you exceed it (you reset the battery by plugging it into a charger, if it does pop).

If on the other hand you like to tinker and think its a fun project, have at it. But don't expect to see examples out in the wild as its not done. One exception to this are some really extreme DIY builds with batteries in the 96v+ range, controllers exceeding 100 amp draws by a big margin, 6k motors and so on. BIG power. For extreme builds like that where everything is custom then yes you can end up seeing some custom work across the board. But its a one-off.