Gio Rogue 350 watt scooter w/lead acid batteries

Gio Rogue Jim

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Jun 1, 2023
las vegas

I got 4 new 12volt 12ah lead acid batteries that cost about $110 total.

I need 5 connectors, 2 of them go to the plug & 1 of them needs to have a fuse.

I made the mistake of trying to connect them without any fuse because that one broke. I just used all normal connectors but that caused the batteries to spark & even made small flames a few times.

Now, I have tried 3 kinds of fuses, 30 Amp, 15 Amp & 8 Amp but none of them worked. They were all the glass fuses 6 x 30mm, 250 volt, the only kind that I found available on Amazon. This is similar to what I had previously. There is a holder to put the fuse in that I also bought on Amazon. I contacted the manufacturer, but they did not know what Amps I need to use.

I also bought 4 12 Volt 12 Ah Lithium LiFePO4 batteries for $200. Unfortunately, my voltage meter reading on one of them indicates it is no good anymore & I barely even used it.

I was able to ride a little while with each kind, but the power kept going off then eventually would not power on at all. I checked all the wires & they were not loose. Someone told me there is programming to stop the scooter if the current is off. I'm not sure if I screwed up the electrical components or if it is still able to be fixed.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thank you in advance.
The controller, the part that connects to the battery and motor, has a LVC, or low voltage cutoff. At a certain programmed voltage, it will stop working exactly as described. This is because Lithium batteries can become extremely dangerous if over-discharged.

Sparks and flame are a good indicator something has gone horribly wrong. This should not be happening when making serial connections. Hopefully you are making these connections while the battery is disconnected from the bike.

The fuse should be EXACTLY what was used originally. No substitutes.

Lifepo4 is hard to kill. Tell me EXACTLY what you did to it and EXACTLY what readings you got on it, also if bought new or used.
The LifePo4 batteries are new, 3 say 7.5 voltage on my voltage meter. The one that I think is bad is reading almost 18. I would like to use these if I can but I will need to order 1 new one & I also do not have a charger for them.

They would be an upgrade since the scooter has always used sla batteries.

The really bad sparks & flames were with sla batteries when I wasn't using any fuses which i threw away. I ordered 4 new sla batteries. The problem is I have no idea what the fuse I had before was, so I just experimented with 3 different fuses.

I rode this scooter a long time, probably 7+ years with no problems.
Ummm... If you are going to use lithium batteries, you NEED a lithium battery charger. SPECIFIC TO YOUR CHEMISTRY. You have Lifepo4,
Which is different from most Li-ion.

3.6 per cell rather than 4.2.

Lithium WILL NOT TOLERATE being run down too low, like below 2v per cell. The pack you have at 18 either has something very wrong, or it is not the same as the others. Lifepo4 is much more tolerant than most Li-ion, but 18V is way overcharged. 3s or 4s, so10.8V or 14.4v full charge normally.