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May 20, 2021
I check into this site often and see quite a few posts about ebike companies that don't respond to issues or take customers deposits and seem to disappear afterwards. Or folks who bought an e bike online and then find it impossible or hard to get repair parts. As many have stated it's a bit like the wild west out there.

So I would like to mention a different type of response I got recently (last week}. I bought a Voltbike Yukon fat bike a couple months ago from the Voltbike company based in Vancouver BC. Now I already own 2 conversion kit bikes and 2 homemade delta trikes so the Yukon was rarely ridden. I lent it to a friend twice and each time the power went out way too early so I took a closer look at it and when charged it would only go to 53 volts. That indicated a problem with either the BMS or one or more cells since it should charge to 54.6 volts.

The bike has a 1 year warranty so I emailed the company with my concerns. They immediately sent me prepaid priority label. All I had to do was find a suitable box and apply the label. It took 1 1/2 weeks and the battery was returned to me. They had their electrician check it, and he or she replaced the BMS and a fuse and it runs like it should now.
My Orbea Gain has been flawless for about 15months now.
Bought a range extending 2nd battery from Volabike - fits in bottle cage.
hugh, this is worth putting your experience in the "what brands do you have and would you buy them again" thread currently running.

It's tough for new brands, as the assumption is that they are mushroom brands until proven otherwise, and service like this cannot be counted upon.