Hello from Highlands Ranch Colorado


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Oct 30, 2023
Denver Colorado
Hello everyone, I just purchased my second E-bike handing down my Volt Yukon to my son for collage. I loved the Yukon which was a very reliable E-bike but I wanted something with a bit more oomph and stopping power for the Colorado mountains. So far my new Stealh B52 is working out great! It's the one from Australia not the home built.
We have another member here who has one of those. By all acounts, they have PLENTY of oomph. Just watch out for legal issues, as I hear they can really fly and are above Class 3, so not technically legal as eBikes.

Welcome, from SE Wisconsin.
Yes it does have the potential to really fly, but not with me riding it. So far 300 miles on the odometer and 34mph top speed, not like 34 in a car, scared the ### out of me! But it is a great bike. I can hit a ninety degree six inch curb at 10mph with little problem, climbs steep hills like they aren't there pulling a hundred pound trailer. pedal power bikes in my area drive much faster than me with little regard for pedestrians or dogs. I believe the local constables have better things to do than harass my geriatric behind.