1. A

    New rider from BC - Voltbike Elegant V2

    I have been riding either bicycles or motorcycles since I was six years old but that all stopped nine years ago due to severe back issues. My Dr suggested that I take up bike riding, so three weeks ago I purchased a Voltbike Elegant V2 and having a great time. I'm seventy-six and back in the...
  2. B

    Back rack and fenders on a Volt Bike Enduro?

    Morning My Name is Howard Turner from Ladysmith BC, I was wondering if anyone has installed a back rack and fenders on a Volt Bike Enduro These bike don't come with back rack or fenders. I also would like some ideas as to where I can purchase these ... any suggestions
  3. J

    Voltbike Yukon Lights

    Hello Everyone, little help please, has anyone had an issue of both front and rear lights not working?Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    New brake caliper for Voltbike Yukon 750?

    Hello, does anyone know what kind of brake caliper goes on Yukon 750 and where can I get,I sent emails to volt with no answer numerous times, thanks.
  5. Mangizmo

    15mph limit on BAFANG hubs - VOLT pulse 2016

    Hi I have just worked out (by asking here) that my VOLT pulse 2016 model rear drive gets its speed and distance info from a sensor inside the hub and a single magnet inside the motor cover (6 screws to remove). Without that magnet fitted you would have no speedo or mileage info for the...
  6. B

    Voltbike Pulse or Moustache Samedi 27 xroad 1

    Hi everyone. I’m quite new to ebikes. I haven’t ridden a bike properly for several years now and am keen to do so. I will be riding on country lanes and tarmac /gravel paths with a bit around town. There will be some hills and I am quite unfit at the moment. I want an upright seating...
  7. J

    New Battery - Voltbike Yukon

    Hi everyone, I could use some good advice,does anyone know where I could get a new battery for my volt Yukon 750,48 volt 17.5 amp for a decent price on Amazon and also will the battery fit right into where my existing battery is or do I have to connect right to the controller, I could use the...
  8. J

    Throttle Issues - Voltbike Yukon

    I called volt for a new throttle,they don't know when they are getting in,does anyone know where I can get the correct throttle for volt Yukon 750 watt,3 prong connector? Thanks you!