Christini All Wheel Drive Bafang BBSHD Electric Fatbike


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5:27 AM
Jul 12, 2020
It seems Christini has finally put a Bafang mid-drive on their AWD fatty. This one has a hopped up and highly illegal BBSHD, but the bike is sold with either the BBS02 or the BBSHD:

More on the Christini system here: Christini All Wheel Drive Bicycles

Christini All Wheel Drive BBSHD Electric Fatbike.jpg
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This is going *way* back, but I remember riding an AWD MTB system many years ago that used a very thick rotating cable inside a housing, rather than a series of shafts. Was that the same company? On their website, it says Christini has been around since 1994, but I could swear this was earlier than that.

You have to admire their persistence.

EDIT: I googled around and the system I was thinking of was called the "Legacy Ovation". I was not imagining it.

Anyway, the idea of an AWD bike comes up from time to time. There are actually millions of AWD bikes on the road today - they are ebikes with a front hub motor.
If you read the article it talks about bikes with a front hub motor and why they suck. This christini bike is kinda cool and solves many of the issues with awd ebikes.
Yes, and adding a small motor solves many of the issues with AWD bikes, the two concepts are very complementary. Luna sells the Bafang Ultra torque sensing motor with a mount plate and Christini said they would build one if a motor and a check showed up in the mail.......