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  1. G

    Problem with cassette cogs strength

    Maybe I need to get the Rohloff for this Fat too? I have just not heard of this issue. I have worn out rear gears in no time on my bike, thus the NuVinci/Rohloff, but never broke them till the BBSHD.
  2. ebikesforum

    Bafang 8Fun Programming Software & Guide (BBS02, BBSHD)

    If you own a Bafang mid-drive motor you may want to change a thing or two in the controller programming. You will need the program cable, and program software, available by logging in and clicking Download above.You will also need a Windows computer to run the software. Once you have your...
  3. W

    Christini All Wheel Drive Bafang BBSHD Electric Fatbike

    It seems Christini has finally put a Bafang mid-drive on their AWD fatty. This one has a hopped up and highly illegal BBSHD, but the bike is sold with either the BBS02 or the BBSHD: More on the Christini system here: Christini All Wheel Drive...
  4. SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Cruiser ebike Bafang BBSHD.JPG

    SIKK SS Aluminum Fat Cruiser ebike Bafang BBSHD.JPG

  5. T

    New BBSHD chainring - what size to get?

    Hi ebikers! I've hit the two hundred mile mark on my BBSHD mountain bike build. Loving every minute of it! I'm using the standard BBSHD chainring and but it drops occasionally even so my chain line is really straight. I have been looking at the Lekkie Bling Ring and can not decide between the...
  6. C

    Bafang BBSHD on a Specialized Stumpy

    I'm planning to install a BBSHD on a Specialized Stumpy with a 68mm bottom bracket as my second e-bike build. I saw another build thread where someone did exactly such a build using the standard 68-73mm BBSHD kit.
  7. ebikesforum

    Bafang BBSHD Wiring Diagram

    Bafang BBSHD Wiring Diagram by LunaCycle
  8. B

    Factory ebike vs TSDZ2 or BBSHD on my Giant ATX?

    Hi, So, how should I get into ebiking? Would it be best to convert my Giant ATX (size large) or buy a factory bike? In each case, what kit / what bike would I get? I have my eye on the TSDZ2, but it seems like the BBSHD is most popular. I know I definitely want a pedelec instead of an electric...
  9. dhdallas

    BBSHD Lock Ring won't thread onto motor spindle

    I am a good home bike mechanic but the BBSHD gray lock nut will just start to turn and then stops after about 1/8th of a rotation. Its acting as if the threads don't correspond to the motor spindle threads. It is NOT cross threaded. There are no visible defects to the nut or the spindle. The...
  10. S

    Do You Need a Gear Sensor with a Bafang BBSHD - Yes or No?

    Hoping to set up a BBSHD as spending plan permits which appears as though will occur in two or three weeks as long as they are still in stock. Should I get the Gear Sensor? I know exactly what it does. Yet, I'm wondering if anyone else uses it...Well would you do it again or would you go...
  11. J

    What does BBSHD, BBS02 & BBS01 stand for?

    I've been trying to figure out what the Bafang drive system names actually mean. What does BBSHD and BBS02 & BBS01 actually stand for on the Bafang motors?
  12. ebikesforum

    How to Fix Bafang BBSHD & BBS02 Error 30

    Error 30 is a communication fault between Bafang components on the BBSHD & BBS02 kits. It is a common error and the usual culprit is a communication error between the display and the controller. The Bafang set up requires a display (961,963, 965, DCP10) to function properly and unfortunately...