1. D

    Does less teeth equal more range? Also am I hurting my BBSHD

    I think I have a decent knowledge of electrical projects. But I am new to ebikes in general but ended up with a BBSHD and a 52v/20AH on a Jamis full suspension. 46t front and 10 speed cassette with a 52-11 spread. Few test rides and my first day commuting to work today. I end up asking...
  2. Bafang3800

    Bafang 1000w BBSHD Mid Drive Motor (Shell )

    Need to know : Is there a a difference between the , " 52v 1000w Mid Drive Motor SHELL " and the, " 48v 1000w Mid Drive Motor SHELL " ? Not the controller just the motor SHELL. Thanks to anyone that has had a issue with the motor Shells being...
  3. R

    Best BBSHD regrogramming for the option of getting a workout?

    So I settled on "Karl's Special Sauce" and it's pretty close now to how my Torque Sensing Hub Drive Juiced Fatty Feels, and by switching gears and levels I can get a workout. Just seeeing if anyone else has tweaked "Karls SS" set up or a completely different set up to make it easier to get a...
  4. G

    Purchasing a bbshd in the EU

    Anyone know any online shops in the EU selling bbshd plus batterys? I don't want to get whacked with a huge import tax or vat if I can avoid it. Any help appreciated thanks.
  5. 2

    NEW EBIKE - Giant Anthem 4.0 with BBSHD

    just built a ebike bbshd with a ASI bac 855 controller on a GIANT ANTHEM 4.0 goes really well FROM COLCHESTER UK
  6. H

    For Sale (SOLD) Luna Cycle Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit - $600

    Purchased this for a project at the height of covid but never got around to building it. All parts are new, never used. Spent $805 at the time so putting up for 25% off retail. Buyer pays shipping or local pickup from San Francisco. Features from the original receipt BBSHD Hot Rod Program (For...
  7. A

    Error 07 on display - Bafang BBSHD

    I have a Bafang BBSHD. My original 48v 16a battery died. I was told I could use a 52v battery and I could ignore the 07 error. When connected the display shows 07 error, which is an overvoltage error, but the motor does not power up. Is there anything I can do other than get a 48v battery?
  8. G

    2010 Cube Attention + bbshd.....?

    Hi all, first post and new here, so be kind please if I'm found to be blatantly ignorant. I have a 2010 cube attention hardtail bike that I'm looking at converting to a daily commuter with a bbshd. My commute is 25k each way and I'd LOVE to be able to do it every day on a bike. Does anyone...
  9. Bafang3800

    Bafang BBS03/BBSHD programming

    Has anybody had limited programming experience with the new Bafang BBS03
  10. S

    Cannot connect programming tool to LUNA BBSHD

    I bought a new cable and downloaded the link to the programming tool. It shows the com port but when I click connect nothing happens, it does not recognize my controller. I've uninstalled the program several times no luck, running windows 10 and recognizes the usb-serial CH340 in device manager...
  11. M

    For Sale "Great deal" Electric Motobecane Sturgis Bullet (LG) 2018 Bafang BBSHD 1000W Electric Fat Bike (Only $1000)

    This sale is for a Motobecane Sturgis Bullet Electric fat bike built in 2018. Been stored in garage and in wonderful shape. Only has 82 miles on it, was used as a commuter. Ended up changing jobs where could not ride to work. Specs are below but powered by Bafang BBSHD 1000W motor, 52W Battery...
  12. C

    Bafang BBSHD Bottom Bracket Durability

    Hi Everyone I have recently installed the BBSHD on my Specialized Rockhopper MTB. It works great, plenty powerful (almost too powerful) but I do have a question that hopefully someone can comment on. Riding on rough mountain bike trails requires a pretty strong bottom bracket - Does anyone...
  13. N

    Bafang bbshd gear shifter sensor wire shorted out?

    Hello, I'm new to the ebike world. Can someone help me w/ bafaang bbshd. Gear Shifter sensor wire from controller, got pinched in bottom bracket mount, melted and shorted out. I tried to reconnect the wires but not even the display powers on anymore.
  14. KuphJr

    New Hybrid BBSHD Build (52v 15Ah battery) - Minneapolis - $2650

    I built this super nice hybrid commuter ebike last month. I absolutely love it, but honestly I rarely ride it as I prefer my custom electric longboards. I would rather sell this for the cost of the parts ($2,650) so someone else can enjoy it more. I am a professional electric vehicle...
  15. M

    Changed BBSHD settings using Speeed android app, can't connect anymore.

    I have been using the Speed android app to change a setting here or there on my bbshd. Never had a single problem connecting or programming anything. A week ago I made a post on the Bafang tips and tricks facebook group asking for advice on programming the bbshd. I mainly just wanted to extend...
  16. J

    Hard tail that will fit a BBSHD?

    I bought a BBSHD and a Giant Talon 2. Unfortunately, it does not fit. See: People have suggested grinding down the tube, but I have not ridden this bike more than about 20 yards and I would rather return it for...
  17. J

    BBSHD not fitting on Giant Talon 2 2022

    I have a new Giant Talon 2 (2022) and a BBSHD motor. I have seen many posts of people putting this motor on the Talon 2 (though pre-2022) and other similar Talons. I am finding it is only fitting when hanging straight down. Am I missing something? The diagonal tube extends slightly past the...
  18. G

    Programing BAFANG BBSHD Problems

    Hi, even though the driver for the new USB programming cable from Bafang and the Luna Cycle programmer download was succesfull, there is no communication with the motor - connect botton clict and faded disconnect botton green - no controler infos shown - no error message. The USB interface...
  19. iesopob

    BBSHD and 52v 14AH battery for trade or sale - Austin, Texas

    Hi! I have a 100mm BBSHD motor and 52v 14Ah battery (35E cells) that i'd like to trade or sell, for what i want this is too big and won't fit the BB, the motor/battery have been used for 38 miles. Is there anyone in or near Austin that would like to trade for a BBS02 750w or buy what i have?
  20. R

    Bafang bbshd on giant fathom 2?

    Hi guys, I've got a giant fathom 2 2019 and looking at the bbshd 1000w kit, however if I've measured correctly I believe my bikes bottom bracket is 79mm wide, do any of bafangs mid drive kits fit? Cheers