1. HappySmack

    BBSHD 60v c965

    I am relatively new to the e-bike scene. I am not looking for high speed as 12-30 mph is more than fine for my needs. I am looking to upgrade to a 60v 60ah battery for my BBSHD. My ideal setup would be a generic shell and buying the cells by a 100 pc. at a time. The questions that I am...
  2. CrossRoads

    bafang bbshd getting hot, excessive battery consumption

    Dunno if overheating is a common issue with the bbshd. Was taking it up a steep hill to a frien'ds house i often visit, which i have done plenty of times before with this bike and this time it was feeling underpowered, and it used 20% of the battery, about twice as much as it has before to...
  3. D

    For Sale Luna Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit

    I would like to offer my completely unworn, uninstalled Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit, which comes with a number of extra upgrades and accessories. Luna Cycles' "Hot Rod" variant is this one. This fits only bikes with a 68mm bottom bracket, which is the most popular size for road and...
  4. Cyb0rg d3ck3r

    New Fat Tire BBSHD Build From Scratch! Need HELP Selecting Components!

    I'll absolutely be doing a full build thread with tons of pictures here soon. But I'm not 100% sure about some parts, and I was hoping some more experienced riders might steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance! Kinda Light vs Kinda Heavy? I don't want to go 40mph, but do I want range...
  5. u2v2w2

    BBSHD PAS level lag

    How common is PAS level delay for BBSHD (level 9 still being active at level one for few seconds)? Throttle also sometimes gets activated at PAS 0.
  6. N

    will my tektro Auriga E-sub brake cut offs work with the bafang BBSHD motor?

    Hello all i have a sondors XS with 750 watt bafang hub motor and want to convert it to a 1000 watt bafang mid-drive. my question is since sondors put these (XS) out with the bafang motor and matched the brake cut offs to the tektro Auriga E-sub, would i simply be able to plug and play on the...
  7. AdamBev82

    Pedal assist response time.

    How to make BBSHD more responsive to the start and stop of pedal assist? I pedal and it takes a bit of time to engage,and once going and I stop pedaling it feels like an eternity before PA disengages. Does anyone know how I can achieve a more responsive PA time? Thanks
  8. AdamBev82

    How to fix BBSHD stripped housings for motor attachment bolts?

    The small bolts which fix the support bracket to the motor have stripped the thread of the housings on the motor of my BBSHD. What is the best recommendation to fix this issue??
  9. CrossRoads

    bafang bbshd vs shimano vs bosch reliability survey

    So the real high-end fully-built cargo e-bikes, such as the urban arrow, the extracycle bikes, yuba... all come with either the shimano or the bosch mid-drives. I have been told by every salesperson that they are "the best". Of course i can't help but notice these mid-drives are HALF, (perhaps...
  10. Frank123

    60A constant discharge for 1000w Bafang BBSHD

    Will a battery with the following specs work with the 1000w 52v Bafang BBSHD- I am scared that 60A constant discharge current is too much? Nominal Volt: 52V Rated Capacity: 40AH Max Constant Discharge Current: 60A Peak current: 120A
  11. Chuy

    52v BBSHD and 48v Battery

    What issues, if any, will I encounter if I connect a 48v battery to a 52v BBSHD motor? I did not know there where two versions of the BBSHD motor. Greenergy’s order process did not provide/offer a choice. When I open the box it had a 52v sticker. And a 48v battery is on the way from a...
  12. D

    For Sale Luna Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit

    Interested in selling a 100% unused, uninstalled Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit with several additional upgrades and accessories. This is the "Hot Rod" version from Luna Cycles. This will only fit bikes with a bottom bracket size of 68mm (the most common for road and mtb). This will not fit...
  13. dhdallas

    Speeed App BBS02/BBSHD questions

    I have a new BBS02 with the 850c display. I selected 5 levels of PAS on the display. When I plugged in the Speeed app it showed 9 levels and no way to change it to 5. How do I tweak my settings for 5 levels when it continues to show 9? I have an older BBSHD set for 7 levels and the Speeed app...
  14. dhdallas

    Sondors MadMods with BBSHD

    I got a MadMods when I was in Florida (for the intro price of $1500) & it was great there because of the lack of any hills. Now I am in PA and it struggles with me pedaling hard to barely get up a steep hill. I am going to put in a Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt mid-drive with a 120BB width, leave the...
  15. hsdrggr

    Custom Built Fatty - BBSHD & Nuvinci N171 CVP hub.

    I wanted to build a very clean looking fat bike using the BBSHD & Nuvinci N171 CVP IGH Hub but finding e-bike frames for a road bike is almost impossible. Or expensive for a full suspension fatty frame. So I decided to buy an inexpensive fat e-bike, strip it and rebuild it my way. Wasn’t even...
  16. B

    Seeking suggestions for brake upgrade for Dolomite/BBSHD build

    What works for a Mongoose/BBSHD without paying more than what the bike cost? Two piston adequate? Cable w/ hydraulic calipers or full hydro? Something compatible with brake sensor.
  17. D

    Does less teeth equal more range? Also am I hurting my BBSHD

    I think I have a decent knowledge of electrical projects. But I am new to ebikes in general but ended up with a BBSHD and a 52v/20AH on a Jamis full suspension. 46t front and 10 speed cassette with a 52-11 spread. Few test rides and my first day commuting to work today. I end up asking...
  18. Bafang3800

    Bafang 1000w BBSHD Mid Drive Motor (Shell )

    Need to know : Is there a a difference between the , " 52v 1000w Mid Drive Motor SHELL " and the, " 48v 1000w Mid Drive Motor SHELL " ? Not the controller just the motor SHELL. Thanks to anyone that has had a issue with the motor Shells being...
  19. R

    Best BBSHD regrogramming for the option of getting a workout?

    So I settled on "Karl's Special Sauce" and it's pretty close now to how my Torque Sensing Hub Drive Juiced Fatty Feels, and by switching gears and levels I can get a workout. Just seeeing if anyone else has tweaked "Karls SS" set up or a completely different set up to make it easier to get a...
  20. G

    Purchasing a bbshd in the EU

    Anyone know any online shops in the EU selling bbshd plus batterys? I don't want to get whacked with a huge import tax or vat if I can avoid it. Any help appreciated thanks.