What battery and charger do I need? & any ideas who manufactured this e-bike?


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Jun 29, 2023
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hi all, I am new to this forum and new to e-bikes. Last week, there was a surprise auction for a new/used e-bike store that went bankrupt. I thought it would be a nice gift if I bought my son a bike. Unknowingly, I purchased this bike that has no battery or charger and also no manufacturer's name that I can find. If anyone can help, it would be immensely appreciated. Thank you. Ps.: I am not even sure if the motor is still good. Is there anyway I can test the motor before I buy a battery?
Or a white wall! I know I've seen a bike like yours for sale on craigslist. The other thing is, if you have an uncluttered shot, and you can put it up on Facebook you might get a lot of help. People like to help.

I would also suggest trying to Google image search just by a picture of that battery indicator.
you need a 36 volt battery, based on the voltage range the controller expects. This is just a litte risky but if it were me i would just find a 36v battery and try plugging it in. Maybe hopefully all the other compenents are working.
its going to need a 36v lithium battery but you are going to have to get a battery that has the right plug to match whatever plug is on the bike. and a charger for the battery, Tho I would try to find someone with any 36v battery to test it first being that that bike looks really old and beat and if anything doesn't work on it. its going to end up being a major project being you most than likely will not be able to find any compatible parts to fix it without having to swap out most of the electric parts with a matched set for a controller and display and more then likely all wiring being that even a lot of the wiring for new controllers and displays arnt even always all compatible with different controllers and displays. even if they have the right plugs on the wiring harnesses. and its also likely that you might also have a hard time finding a modern controller that would easily work with the motor on a 17 year old bike