Charging multiple batteries with an e-truck -- what charge capacity is needed?


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5:17 AM
Jan 24, 2024
Portland Oregon
Hi there,
I'm preparing for a group 5-day ride this summer where multiple e-bikes will need charging. I'm wondering if you've tackled this problem. I think I'll have what I need if I can gather specifications for;
1) load of the charger on the 120v outlet (current or wattage),
2) time it takes to charge the battery (let's say from 20% to 80%). I know that batteries/chargers will vary, but what might the spectrum be?

I have an e-truck and was wondering if my truck battery could fill the bill for this trip.

Thanks -- Pat
ok I suggest that you eaither get a 800w EcoFLow generator or a Ecoflow Detla Max 2100 watts solar generator or Wall power.
I use my Ecoflow River pro 800 watt solar generator to charge my ebike. I have 380 watt solar panel setup. Works Great. Check our Ecoflow just for fun. Works for me!

Enjoy your trip in your $50,000 your $80,000 plus Etruck!! ;)