Please help me figure out how to charge my Zoomy E-Bike Water Bottle Battery.


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Oct 31, 2023
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I recently installed the Trekker conversion kit and I'm thrilled with how well it works. However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to charge the water bottle battery.

It seems like I didn't receive a charger with my order, but it's been almost a year, so I can't be certain. I've tried multiple times to charge the battery using a USB-C cable and the USB-C port on the front end of the battery, but it doesn't seem to charge. I'm starting to think that this port might be intended for external devices like phones.

I've noticed there's another 3-pin connector coming out from the battery mount, and I wonder if that's where I should be charging it. Can you please provide guidance on how to properly charge the battery?


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You are looking for a "Charge Port" whiich "should be" somewhere on the battery - it should be round/size of a pencil - maybe with a flip-up rubber cover. Forget the cable - that is not it. Pull the "water bottle" up and out of the holder - post jpg of the bottom - look around for that port -post a photo of that as well.
I have one of these. You need a special charger for this that uses a USB-C plug but has the right amperage to charge the battery. Zoomy went out of business but these units are manufactured by LVBU which is still very much in business. If you are in the US, SmartBikeWheel also sells their own brand of LVBU wheels and you may be able to get a charger from them. Or order from LVBU