USB display phone charging


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Mar 10, 2022
Am I missing something obvious, the USB port on a Bafang 860 (i think) display is charging my phone really slow.
I'm heading to France and will use the phone as a satnav, but even when plugged in and charging, the phone eventually runs low.
Can it be fixed through programming or is there an aftermarket option out there with a higher output? :unsure:
The eBike display USB Port WILL NOT EVER give you Faster Phone Charging -I understand you will be using your Phone for Nav - and you are concerned about your Phone Running Out-Of-Juice. - Amazon is your friend - you want to buy a Power-Bank-w/Fact PD and QC charging. Like $30.
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Thanks for the reply, think that's the way to go.
I'm on aliexpress looking at ebike USB ports, but lack the courage to fit on and mess with the wiring.
Coupled with the fact that i haven't seen any member here having done that to their bikes, and there's alot of folks here.
You are correct - "hacking" a Charging USB Port to your eBike is a chore - and for me I want to have Smart-Fast-Charging which requires more than just a tap-into-power. I apologize I had assumed you were here in the US - hence the recommendation to Amazon for a PowerBank PD/QC Fast Charge.. On this type of item "really" Aliexpress doesnt offer "substantial" cost advantage. Power-Banks are a Market Item.
While we are on the subject, I cant help but ask why.
Since we all use mobile phones, what is it that stops manufacturers of displays giving us a proper USB charging port?
It would be a best seller.
I think that is because the USB output to charge your phone is using electricity converted from your main battery (48v, etc.) down to the USB 5v thru low amperage transistors or IC voltage converters that create a lot of heat during the conversion. Earlier I read about somebody who burned out their display by running a Bluetooth Speaker while plugged into the USB port in the display.
This being the case I recommend getting your next battery with a USB port for charging phones.

Hailong makes battery cases that offer this. 1 amp is usually enough to charge most phones.

I also recommend reducing the battery usage of your phone by turning on Airplane mode then turning on your navigation (GPS), to keep other apps from using your mobile data and draining your phone unnecessarily.