HELP new identical spare battery not working.


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Jan 14, 2024
Staines upon Thames
Hi I have just purchased a brand new spare battery for my bike my old one is a bottle 36volt 10amp battery, my new spare is also bottle fits perfectly same condition, 36volt, 10amp. This is where I can't figure it out it doesn't work it new it's fully charged same connection fits folder perfectly I didn't want any problems so I purchased an identical battery to the original, feel like I'm going around in circles can someone help.
Identical ?

Really ?

Images of both especially the specification label

From a reputable reseller or Ebay or equal ?

Again it is hard when we have to ask questions that answers should have been posted in the original post such as bike make, battery make, age of bike, and so on !

When did it become Staines upon Thames, always used to be Staines Middlesex ?