Second Battery Added


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Mar 8, 2024
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I wanted a bit more range and decided to add a second battery to my Aipas A2 Elite bike and decided on a Hailong 48v 10.4ah battery since it fits perfectly behind the seat tube and between the seat/chain stays.

I choose not to use a battery balancer that connects both batteries to the motor controller at the same time, but just added 2-2' XT60 extension cables plugged into the stock battery and the motor controller inside the bottom bracket and out the access hole. When one battery gets low I stop and disconnect one and plug in the other. I would like to have a toggle switch that allow me to just shut the bike off and flip to the other battery without unplugging, but yet to locate anything that will allow that. If anyone knows of something that would work please share..

I'm 6'2" at 220lbs and sitting upright I'm a big sail causing a lot of drag. I ran the Hailong battery in cruise control tooling around at 13-14 mph and got 18.2 miles on it before switching batteries.



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If we were talking cars, I’d say to get a DPDT on-on or on-off-on switch. You will have to check if they can be used with the higher power/current demands of eBikes.
I will update my input and say you can also use a SPDT on-on or on-off-on switch, with the appropriate current rating. This is more appropriate since you are not connecting anything else to the switch.

If the batteries are the same voltage and ah rating, why not connect them in parallel? A two-one XT60 parallel cable is $7.

The last option I can think of is a dual battery pack switch balancer. It is the most expensive option, about $50, but you can connect different ah batteries, and some will handle different voltage batteries. It does the thinking for you and you can get them with XT60 connectors.