Battery replacement: Hailong 1, Polly 5C/6C interchangability?


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1:34 PM
Mar 16, 2024
Sacramento, CA
Hi, just found this site, great info! I have a question I'm hoping the communtiy can help me with: I'm looking to get an extra 48v 4 pin battery for my Miclon Cybertrack 350 and trying to do it as easily as possible. It appears to have a Polly 5C/6C 4 pin mounting base. The controller is built into the battery mounting base so I'm trying not to disturb the mounting base (if possible). Are batteries with 4 pin Polly 5C/6C bases interchangable with 4 pin Hailong 1 bases? They appear similar and there seems to be more battery choices available with Hailong 1 mounts. Can I simply buy a 4 pin 48v battery that fits my mounting base or are there issues I should be aware of? Thanks in advance for any info offered, it's much appreciated!