Going to build a battery charging safety box. Any tips?


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2:34 AM
Mar 4, 2023
Hello there folks!

I've got two bike batteries and numerous power tool batteries and I'm always charging something. Many of my batteries are alternative brand/less expensive offerings and I always feel not great when leaving them to charge in the garage(there is an occupied apartment above). For that reason, I've decided I'm going to build a large metal box to charge the batteries inside of. I've seen the offerings of bags and ammo containers-turned-safety boxes on amazon and they are laughably insufficient.

I figure I'm going to use angle iron for the corners/edging and 1/16 or a bit thinner for the metal body and weld it together. I'll have a front hinged panel to access, add and remove batteries for the box.

I'll also need a way to route charging cables through that isn't just an opening to allow direct access to whatever explosion is occurring inside. I'm thinking maybe a false back with access at the top for the cable to go through, then route the cables down to an opening in the actual back. I've not sorted out all the details but I know I want to use up some of the energy of the fire before it makes it out of the box. Give the smoke detector time time get everyone up and out. The only thing else I can think of are lugs that are isolated from but pass through the box, allowing me to connect wiring on each side. This would allow me to charge with a completely sealed off box.

Any thoughts on the project would be most welcome. Thanks for your time!