What are your eBike ride stats?


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2:54 PM
Jul 12, 2020
Out of curiosity what are your eBike ride stats?
Mine are all off-road miles.
According to Strava my per week:
Average 5 rides
On the bike for 9h 20min
Average 80 miles

How about you guys?
80 miles a day? Holy hell, that leaves no time for beer. What is wrong with you my friend?
Good timing, I was thinking of looking up the other one of these threads.

Avg Week:
-rides = 3
-miles = 48
-time = 5 hours

Not sure what you mean about your "time on the bike"
I am about to begin a quest for 2,000 miles and 200,000 vertical

If I keep up the training plan I should be able to, however days will be short for half of the remaining time.
I remember years ago joining some of the Strava challenges against the world for like distance or climbing. Quite a few people were doing well over 100 miles a day or would leave their Strava on during a car drive. I’d look at the leaders data and the stats looked to be from a bike
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I’ve got a good a set of lights, that I’ve been using most morning. My weekly solo rides usually start between 5:30 to 6am. Doesn’t get light until about 6:30am.
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Nice. I used to be able to put 2 rides in a day, but unfortunately work is getting in the way.
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I read your stats wrong. I was thinking you averaged 80 a day! Still 80 a week is far more than I’m currently putting in. Bikeless at the moment.
I ride night rights with our group once a week but not super interested in putting in night rides solo.
I'm not going to ride before work....LOL
Morning rides have never scared me, night rides on the other hand even in groups can be spooky! I remember several times looking back at a rider and seeing eyes low to ground and appeared to be following that rider. Or another night just before our climb we heard what sounded like a mountain lion roaring. I was like am 1st, my thought was at least there would be others to help scare the big cat away. Better than being last and stalked by the big cat. I have many stories!!!
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haha I'm not skeered to ride before work. I refuse to wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. to ride a bike. Used to do it with the ex g.f but that's more incentive then waking up to ride by myself.

Night riding isn't so much of an animal attack thing (although possible), but rather that stupid small rock that took out the front wheel and not being found until late the following morning when a runner or cyclist happens about.

I did have a bear cub run in front of me last week in the evening (20 minutes before lights were turned on). Probably the 2nd bear I've seen in 8 years or so. Never really see much else, aside from a deer which isn't too combative. Mountain lions are around, but of course we never see them.