Dec. 2, 2023: Coffee Run Downtown


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8:44 AM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
This morning, I thought I would surprise my road cycling club by showing up on my eMoped. They haven't heard of it yet and I will definitely get some guff for it. They were going to do a 40 mile ride to a coffee shop two towns away and back. I didn't have time to do the whole ride on my road bike, but I thought I would ride ahead and get some action shots of them passing by.

Unfortunately, the club president ANNOUNCED the ride several days ago, but at some point decided not to go and didn't bother to send a follow-up to cancel. That 7.8 mile ride to the meetup spot was wasted. I decided to take the scenic route back to downtown and then home. I stopped and texted my wife, asking if she wanted to meet me for coffee downtown. Yes she did. We had everything bagels with cream cheese and coffees with extra cream and sugar. There were three families that met at the coffee shop with their kids (all boys). They were restless, so I asked if I could lend them my ratchet to play with and show them how it worked, or would they start using it as a hammer and hurt someone or wreck the furniture. They said it was OK, so a bunch of boys got their introduction to a ratchet today.

Here is a shot of part of the exterior of the coffee shop. It is a historic building right on the harbor and just changed ownership last year. The new owners have refreshed it a lot and it's super-popular now. 2 coffees and 2 bagels $11 and change. Quite good for ma 'n pa quality, I think! Looks like they need some mortar patching from settling though. You may be able to see in my basket my camera holster bag, a water bottle and the seat bag I borrowed from my road bike, which has everything I need but a huge 20x4 tube and a ratchet with 18 mm socket:

After leaving Anna's on the Lake, I went along the Kenosha, WI lake front and stopped for a few pix by the old bath house. (built 1933-1934) Here is the view from the side opposite Lake Michigan:

Going around front, there is a plastic boardwalk that wraps around. Here's the New Kenosha Light. (built 1906; the old one was built 1866 and is further inland)

Rear view of the bike. There don't seem to be any rear views of the Juiced HyperScrambler 2 eBike:

Wife wanted to have an "intimate discussion" at the coffee shop, and then we had to leave to get to my company's holiday bowling party. After that, I realized I wanted to get some exercise, so I changed clothes and got my mBike out for a nice 18 mile ride. Here's my stats on that:
2023-12-02 Strava ride.jpg