Wabash and Hilly Commutes (Newb here First ebike)


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Sep 14, 2022
I am in the market for an ebike capable of helping me climb mountain roads to commute to and from my house, work, store...etc. These roads are about as steep as they come (don't know the exact grade) for around 2 miles with an elevation change ~1,000'. The roads are rather poor and mixed gravel and tarmac.

I test rode the Strike eRide 920 today at the local bike shop and was able to climb a nearby hill with relative ease.

I know the Wabash is about 10 lbs lighter, has slightly less battery life, rather similar motor, lack of suspension...etc.

Was looking to hear from folks who may have experience with the Wabash on hilly commutes.

Yes I do realize that the Strike is a EMTB and the Wabash is a gravel ebike.

They are both Class 1 ebikes if I am not mistaken.

Really any advice or input for hilly mountain commutes and ebikes would be greatly appreciated.
I'd say you are on the right path with a mid-drive vs a hub drive since the mid-drive allows you to use the bike's gears to give a wider range of power.
I haven’t ridden the Strike, but I have ridden the Wabash, and I liked it. My Cross Core has the same motor and almost the same gearing, (1x11, 46t with 11-42 cassette). I ride more gravel than anything else and we have grades of more than 20%, which I ride in either eco or standard.

The Wabash has 32 mm tires, but it will take 40 mm, (I use 40 mm Maxxis Receptors and run them at 40 ps). I also added a Cane Creek eeSilk gravel seat post and RedShift stem, (the seat post and stem would make the Wabash more comfortable as well). If you prefer flat bars and can do the work yourself, it is less expensive to convert a Cross Core into a flat bar gravel bike than to buy a Wabash and you could have better components, (the Wabash has SRAM Apex. A Cross Core with Shimano SLX drivetrain and XT brakes would still come out to be about $300.00 less). The Wabash has the same motor, frame, wheels, stem and seat post as the Cross Core.

Here is a link in case you are interested in my conversion.