I need a good commuter/cruiser bike.


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Feb 9, 2024
I'm new to ebiking and I'm getting a new bike soon. I've been researching ebikes for a couple of months now. Funny thing is i found my second bike before i figured out what i want for my main bike. (18kw stealth bomber). I live in a pretty hilly area. Little to no ebike laws. I'm 50yrs old, 6'2" and weigh 250lbs. My main purpose for a bike is commuting 8.5 miles each way to work, so a range of 20+miles of throttle heavy riding. My commute will be mostly roads but I will be riding trails and bike paths with the wife and kids too.
I have settled on a few parameters.
1. Price up to $2500.usd.
2. Fat tires with full suspension.
3. Class 3+ with 1000w or bigger motor with throttle speeds of 30+mph.
4. Must have lights, front and back.
The bikes I'm looking at are.
1. Wired freedom. 60v 1500w motor, 35mph. No discounts, $200 shipping and 75. Insurance. Total $2300.
2. E-cell 5 star. 60v 1500w motor 35mph. Veteran discount, free shipping, no extra insurance. Total $1900.
3. Freesky swift horse. 48v 1000w motor 32mph with aftermarket controller. Free shipping, $200 off. Free upgraded controller.($180 value). Total 1350.
4. Freesky warrior. 48v 2x 1000w motors 32mph. 200 off, Free upgraded controller.($180 value). Total $1600.
I'm personally leaning toward the E-cell bike but I don't know if any of these companies are good.
Any one have any suggestions for these or maybe other bikes with similar specs. I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks
I like all your choices. I would go with the Wired freedom. It's one of the hottest selling eBikes right now, which means the company has a good chance of being around in the future. I have a riding buddy that has one, and it's pretty impressive.
My second choice would be the E-cell 5 star, which looks like a rip off of a Wired freedom, but in the chinese eBike business that's just business as usual, although probably none of the parts will interchange.
I second the Wired Freedom. I have seen nothing but glowing reviews and demos, and its claimed performance makes sense given its 60v battery. Voltage = speed and this is a bike that is NOT making claims that can't be explained by looking at the equipment and knowing how things work.

I would never touch anything from E-Cells. Over the years they have repeatedly made unsupportable or demonstrably false claims in their web site advertising... and they still do, based on a recent check a couple months ago when I was calling BS on one of their shills pushing their product on a Facebook group (once called out and presented with specifics to refute the user deleted their posts and disappeared).
At a lower price, the Keteles, Zeeger, and SMLRO bikes will also fit the bill.
The Wired freedom is the pick of the litter, but you must be willing to wait a month or two for delivery, they are currently on backorder.
Another backorder bike to consider is the Motor Goat v3.
I test-drove the Wired Freedom last weekend, and it just didn't feel great. Sure, you can go fast. It sounds great, but the ride was nowhere near as good as the Aventon Aventure2, the Mokwheel Basalt or the Lectric XPeak (although, I wouldn't go for the Xpeak because of the wobble and potential for hitting the front fender with your foot). Test-driving will help you if you have dealers near you.
Hands down the "'24 PLUS"
3200W Peak Output
153 NM of Torque is all you need to know for your answer....
Wired freedom with the two battery setup and modded to go faster than the 24 model oh yeah and at the same price! I should of waited a couple months longer for the plus but my 24 is sick.