Voilamart Kit Yes No?


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11:21 PM
Jun 24, 2023
Market Rasen, Lincolnshire
So got a decent Raleigh on auction. A classic commuter with mountain bike frame and racing wheels.
It will cost about £400 ish for a 1000 watt Hub kit and a 48v 20 amp battery.

Around this price point is there anything more reliable?
If so Id like to hear your recommendations cheers.
I generally recommend a pre built eBike, so you know the components are appropriate for e-bike power and speed.

That Raleigh is almost certainly not. Brakes and spokes will be weak for 1,000 W motor, for one thing.

On the other hand, if you buy one out of the box, it will be legal but slower than what you’re thinking of building. I believe your law over there is 25 kph max pedal assist, 250 W max motor power.
Yes, OTH 250 watt middrive isnt so bad,I tried to convert a Raleigh one time finally gave up and gave it to A Kid in WVa to get rid of the aggrevation,He had proir experience in converting bikes to ( ugh) 2 cycle power( oh the humanity I can smell the exhaust now!) Slapped the parts on a "Trek" MTB pretty much seamless.( electric parts) Voilamart is fine.
I'd go with a bigger AH battery like 35ah and that will get you farther than you imagine :)