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Jul 22, 2022
I've bought a number of 48V 1000W kits from Voilamart and found them Ok, however the weak point was the throttle which they previously didn't sell as a single item so it got expensive buying a new kit every time. That was my only previous moan.
I'm using a 48V 12AH battery on this kit and it's fine but I wanted more range so tried a 48V 20AH battery. It fried the controller. I've asked Voilamart UK Official if their new 1500W controller they're selling as a separate item would be suitable to handle this battery but all I've had in response was we are Chinese and don't understand you.
My crude understanding of Ohms law is P=IV, power in Watts = current in Amps x Voltage. Where have I gone wrong?
48x12=576W so this stuff can take more right? 48x20=960W still should be good. All I did was assemble this on a test bench under no load so no peak current but the controller fried.
Are they punching above their weight with these numbers, I've been trying to get them to tell me their 1500W advertised controller wont blow up with this battery but they're not playing, so no sale on a new Controller and I'm stuck with an expensive battery I cant use.
Thanks for still reading. The question is has anyone else tried this and got it to work or does anyone want a brand new 48V 20AH battery at a very reasonable price?
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