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Oct 18, 2022
I think I have an easy question, have the 1000w 48v rear wheel Voilamart hub with a 48v 10ah battery, -I contacted Voilamart cause after only 4 months of use the controller went bad as far as them helping me diagnose. It powers up, but the wheel does nothing when using the throttle. Voilamart told me they would send me a new controller, but after researching posts, I see some folks are upgrading the 1000w controllers to 1500w controllers for better torque, etc.

First of, I'm noob when it comes to e-bike and by luck I was able to assemble / convert my mountain bike with the Voilamart kit.

Can someone point me if I should just purchase the Voilamart 1500w controller from their website, which seems will take forever to ship OR are there any 3rd party 1500w controllers that are working well with the Voilamart 1000w 48v rear wheel kits. I just see a ton of them, and I know I will have to figure out the wiring, and also i saw some ugly stories of people buying these and they arrive with no English language technical wiring translation.

Would appreciate if someone can provide some controller product leads. Come spring / summer of next year I'm going to aim to upgrade my battery to a 48v 20ah. .

Thank you.
You in the U.S.?
You can get the 1500w controller off ebay for the voilamart hub motor. Does your kit have the SW900 display?
I've bought a few 1500w hub drive kits from this ebay vendor,

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Thank you for the welcome and your prompt reply. Yes, I'm the US, living in West Chicago. .

I have the Kit w/o the SW900 Display, which begs the question, can I buy the controller with the display?- so that perhaps in the future I can then buy the display. . I also see there are 3rd party displays that have color and more info, don't know if these are compatible. .

Also, I didn't install the Pedal Assist cause I thought with the non-display controller there was no way to set the PAS pedal strength mode. .

Last, I went ahead and ordered an electric tester to confirm the throttle and all other ebike components are in fact working. . it was interesting how cheap they were.. I figure it will come in handy. . link below..

ebike Tester

I will go ahead and order the 1500w 48v controller . . wish me luck. . and thanks for helping a newbie !
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Ok, buy the 1500W controller for and with the sw900 display.
That way everything else should be plug and play and you'll be able to use the sw900 tuning settings.

Good Luck, keep us posted and no problem, we all need a helping hand once in a while :)
It's a pretty simple display. I am using it on my 1500w Voilamart whip :)
Maybe what I need for my 36 volt 750 watt direct drive, can get the display to power up and maybe walking mode thats all wonder whats wrong its a 22 amp KT CONTROLLER WITH THE lcd3( Ithink) display. Smoked a LCD DISPLAY with a twist throttle when I connected it( maybe its not ruined.