1. jimmysteve

    Voilamart repair

    Hey there, hoping to get some advice on a bike I recently purchased. It is a fat tire bike and cam with a Voilamart rear motor hub. There are no other pieces to the e-bike system and the bike looks as if it was never operational as an e-bike. How do I go about getting it going? I don't get...
  2. F

    Voilamart Kit Yes No?

    So got a decent Raleigh on auction. A classic commuter with mountain bike frame and racing wheels. It will cost about £400 ish for a 1000 watt Hub kit and a 48v 20 amp battery. Around this price point is there anything more reliable? If so Id like to hear your recommendations cheers.
  3. R

    Power Drop

    I got out of 2-strokes and 4-strokes thought this bike conversion kit was the answer it a Voilmart clone, but I got 3 hubs I magically acquired one is voilmart stamp. Well, I was really happy with it until my odometer hit 1000 miles then it hit like a karate chop! Drastic loss of power and...
  4. B

    Sw900 lcd settings for Voilamart 1000W

    Hi anyone got the parameter settings for the sw900 lcd on voilamart 1000w kit, thanks
  5. Dno007

    Voilamart 1000w

    When riding the power dips for a split second then comes back on usualy it reads 1300w at full throttle on the display but some times drops to 800w , occasionally i have a voltage error 6 come up on the sw900 display but usual the power is back before the error code ? Any ideas to solve this? It...
  6. T

    DC MOTO Controller Issue

    I am doing a custom build and bought a 1000W Voilamart kit. The kit works well, but I am now adding a second motor and a Cycle Analyst V3. The problem I am having is the DC MOTO Controller will not work for some reason. I identified the throttle input on the card (SD) and hooked up the shunt...
  7. Dno007

    Voilamart 1000w error code 11

    My bike has little drops in power and controller shows error 11 any help or advice would be greatly appreciated I have 1000w rear wheel kit with 52v 20ah battery
  8. M

    Rear voilamart 1000 w 48v 20ah battery

    I bought my set up for a mountain bike back in june of this year and put it together with a range of 10 miles. I thought the range might be limited because i did not have the pedal assist on, I had to get that on and finally did last month. My range never improved . In addition there is always...
  9. ezrider028

    Voilamart Controller Help

    I think I have an easy question, have the 1000w 48v rear wheel Voilamart hub with a 48v 10ah battery, -I contacted Voilamart cause after only 4 months of use the controller went bad as far as them helping me diagnose. It powers up, but the wheel does nothing when using the throttle. Voilamart...
  10. T

    Voilamart 100w Rear Hub Hall sensors

    What type of Hall sensors are fitted to a Voilamart 1000W Rear Wheel Hub Motor. Need to replace but not sure which ones to purchase. Many thanks topcat tjc
  11. N

    Voilamart customer service

    I've bought a number of 48V 1000W kits from Voilamart and found them Ok, however the weak point was the throttle which they previously didn't sell as a single item so it got expensive buying a new kit every time. That was my only previous moan. I'm using a 48V 12AH battery on this kit and it's...
  12. G

    Voilamart ebike taking off on it's own

    I have a Voilamart 26'' Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit and the motor has started on it's own twice, the second time with me on it causing ankle breakage. It happens when I turn on the controller not touching the throttle. The first time I was off the bike and luckily holding the...
  13. W

    Hi from Taylorsville, Utah USA - Voilamart Front wheel hub not working?

    I bought a couple of cute cruisers for my wife and I and decided to turn these single geared simple bikes with pedal brakes into e-cruisers. I purchased the Voilamart Front wheel hub motor e-bike conversion kit. These are just going to be get around town bicycles. The specs on the Voilamart...
  14. Fort Ord

    Regretting the Voilamart purchase.

    My situation: last year, August, I bought a Voilamart 1500 watt rear hub conversion kit. I have two 48 - 52 V batteries on a bike pannier rack, long story behind that one, suffice it to say it got me to/from on a 25 mile commute. In December, weird things started: the throttle battery power...
  15. G

    Trek Navigator build - Voilamart 40V 1000W front

    I’m starting my first build shortly. The above mentioned bike with a Violamart 40V 1000W front set up. Have not gotten a battery yet. Much research to do first. If anyone has done a similar build, I’d appreciate any input. Mostly for pavement use, but I have some gravel hills to get up before...
  16. leewizz

    I need help with controller upgrade? Voilamart 1000w hub?

    Hi there, i upgraded my battery from 48v 1000w to 52v 1500w battery and i assumed eventually it would blow and it has, so need a new controller to my 1000w voilamart hub. i did read you can put 2000w through that hub with no reliability issues and I've not even got to that. Just need to know...
  17. T

    Voilamart 1000 watt conversion kit problem

    Just tried to bench test motor and failed. Connected wires as directed to throttle, battery, controller. Turned on battery and heard pop. Turned off battery and tried again. Turned on battery and manually touched red to red. I get a spark. Then wire connection goes dead. Throttle will not...
  18. oroepke

    Controller issues? Voilamart 1000W Rear Hub

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I have purchased a Voilamart 1000W rear hub drive kit, 48V 14.4 Ah battery and the bike runs well (except the weird PAS but that's another story...). Today I installed a head and taillight with a separate switch by just tapping the wire dedicated for headlight...
  19. J

    Voilamart Ebike Front / Rear Wheel Motor Kit Review

    Ive got two Voilamart branded kits from eBay. Been using over a year and both are still fine. Relatively cheap and have worked well for me. Most expensive and important choice is the battery. I also got 2 eBay batteries. One of them has crapped out. You want to make sure you’re getting a...