E-bike conversation kit for 24 mile work commute in the UK?


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Oct 5, 2020
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I have a DBR (Diamondback Racing) Mountain type bike. I don't know what model it is. I assume it's 26 inch one. It was sitting in the cellar for a couple of years and now I need it, with some upgrades. My bike:
Diamondback Racing Mountain bike.jpeg

I have to commute 24 miles to work and back.
I am looking to convert it to an e-bike.

What I've done so far;
- I pumped air in the tires and it rides well now.
- I have read loads of stuff online about e-bike conversion (such as thıs one.)
- I understand the equipment. I need front wheel kit that has the motor, controllers, throttle and a battery that suits the kit. (The reason I'm going with front wheel kit is because I simply do not trust myself with rear wheel work.)
What I need/have/look4;
However, I just cannot choose which one I should go for due to my budget. My actual budget is £350 but I can go overdraft by another £50. So let's say £400 max.
I don't want a cheap Chinese set where motor will break after a couple of weeks or something. I also need it water proof as I'll be riding in the rain a lot (I live in the UK).
I unfortunately cannot afford a good £800 kit like Bafang.
I need it asap so I do not want to order parts and wait for weeks for them to arrive.
I guess need more than 12ah so I do not have to worry about the charging constantly.
Legal limits in the UK is 250W but AFAIK the 1000W-500W motors have cables-switches that limits it to 250W.
What I've found so far;
Kit 1
Battery 1
Kit 2
Battery 2

I am kinda lost now. I'd appreciate any help and suggestion. Thank you very much, stay safe!

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