Upgrade rear shock on Engwe engine pro


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Oct 2, 2022
Redding ca.
Looking at upgrading my rear shock on my Engwe engine pro. Saw on Amazon a lady do hers on same bike and she told me what size and bushings to get. JFOYH 150mm 1000lbs coil - oil adjustable . Looking to improve my ride because all my back surgeries I've had and I like riding smooth ground for you know health. So has any of you done or think about coil oil shocks? Some say air is a pain and others say cost .
Have you tried different tire pressure first? They are the easiest way to change ride quality without spending much time or money.

Next would be padded (lycra) bike shorts, not only they can offer padding, but also support for your glutes muscles on the longer rides.
They may look funny, but they really help with the muscle support; still less expensive than replacement shocks.

Air shocks are generally lighter in weight (more expensive), but more difficult to tune for specific ride quality, unless the shock comes with negative air spring adjustability and some sort of damping adjustment, too. You will need a high pressure (200-300 psi) shock pump and lots of time experimenting to get the specific ride quality you desire.

Coil shocks are easier to manage, besides the basic ones with preload adjustments, ones with rebound & damping adjustments or with an external damping chamber would be even more ideal for fine tuning ride quality. Depending on how much you weigh & the suspension the bike has, the spring rate can vary.
Thanks for your reply. Yes I've tried tire pressure which I try different time on what I'm riding on. Still Learning like Nascar. Been looking at shorts , had a pair long time ago. And it's something I do messing with things more than I should but keeps me busy. Just have questions on springs , told air shocks are great but like you said harder to get right. Even me working on anything with bad knees and double fusion hard to bend my back, but I find a way never giving up. Life is what we put into it.
Have a safe ride and thanks for imf.
Well got my upgrade shock today, thanks Amazon. So first 3 pics is of JFOYH 150mm 1000 lbs spring -oil next pic stock shock last 2 pics cloud 9 seat. It comes with 24L upper and lower bushings so all I need to do is either use 68L upper bushing from stock shock or could buy new ones. This week coming will be rainy so I'll do it then. Last pic is what came with e bike and you can see upper bushing mounts 68L both sides and I'll remove them for new upgrade shocks. New shock came with 24L's on the upper and lower mounts so I don't have to change lower then. Screws came with new shock 2 , I'll save for later and use the ones with old shock and a little bit of loctite to bike.
Hopefully with upgrade I can toon in shock with adjusting. I've been playing with tire pressures and put a cloud 9 seat on bike to help my low back which is double fused and 5 surgeries to get break from back pain when riding. If I do anything else it would be seat post upgrade but I will test riding before spending more money also still trying to get riding shorts, guess I gain alot and old ones were small dam it.


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Well since weather wants to rain some more here in norcal ( Redding ca.) I decided to work on my upgrading rear shock swap. I couldn't find my gun smithing hammer with one end brass other end nylon so went to Chain Gang bike store to see if they could swap out bushings from old shock and bushing out of new spring oil shock. Then used old 68l bushing in upper of new shock. 20 mins and kid said he couldn't do it.
So came home and looking for that hammer and found it, so slowly tapping side to side got old bushings out and then other bushing out of new. I just tapped 68l bushings into new spring shock and finished mounting into place and done.
Just need to get some weather to ride and tune new shock now.
Dam it's nice working on your own stuff even with mest up body of mine. Just never say can't or won't just try.


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