8mm tube bolts - 86mm (Engwe Engine Pro rear suspension)


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6:52 AM
May 31, 2023
Hi, as has been written elsewhere, the rear suspension pivot mechanism is very tight on my new Engine Pro due to the bolts used to secure it through the frame being slightly too short. It binds both against the bolts, and the frame itself on one side.

The manufacture provided bolts for the pivot points and the shock mounts are both 82mm long.

The bolts are hex key tube type, like this:

The male part is M6, and the long female one is 7.9mm external diameter.

I have seen reference to some 86 mm parts being used, but I’m totally unable to find any and wondered if anyone might be able to help? I’m in the UK.

The ones on the Amazon page aren’t suitable as the washers go over the top to extend them to 86mm, whereas I need it 7.9mm diameter and 86mm length.