1. E

    Engwe P26 and charging

    Charging our 2 P26s I notice that the charger ends the charging before the batterie says it is full. There is an indicator on the batteries with LED diodes, and checking the state just after charging it still have one that is red (3 green, 1 red). Is this normal, or is the charger having an issue?
  2. warhog

    How to unlock you engwe if you put password work on 81 or 80 display

    have not tested on other displays than 80 and 81 Best regards valdemar
  3. Eugene

    Engwe YL80C display on L20 bike

    Can I replace YL81C-B display with YL80C on Engwe L20 bike? Is it gonna work? Mainly because YL80C has tonnes of fine tuning. You can change power and speed of each level. That is very useful. On L20 you can change only max speed.
  4. B

    Engwe M20 - Derailer Hanger thread gone.

    I recently purchased an Engwe M20 Dual from a UK Supplier named ElectroHeads just yesterday. After doing around 25 miles so far, I noticed the chain was not changing gears properly and decided to go to my local bike shop for an inspection. Upon the inspection, they saw that the Derailer...
  5. T

    Factory reset YL20C/YL80C EP 2 PRO ENGWE

    Hi I have bought an engwe ep 2 Pro electric bike and it has a yolin controller on it but I cannot factory reset it with -/i buttons, it just flashes. The DEf screen doesn't come up. My controller goes from 01p to 019p and I would like to know what all the programs are for. My manual is for the...
  6. W

    Engwe C20pro Error 24

    Hi I am hoping someone might be able to help me, I hit a large pot hole on my Engwe c20pro 500w and now, every so often, I get error code 24. After digging around i see that this is a code that is usually associated with the rear connecting cable to the rear drive wheel. I have checked all the...
  7. A

    Engwe X24

    Ragazzi buongiorno io vorrei comperare una engwe X24 e sono alto 1 metro e 67 cm Se qualcuno la possiede o mi può suggerire mi perfavore se può andare bene per la mia altezza grazie mille in anticipo ☺️
  8. V

    ENGWE Problems

    Apparently I need a new throttle and according to ENGWE they are not in stock and no longer available! There are plenty generic types available on ebay but how do I know the wiring of the controller as I have no circuit diagram? Would I need to change the controller also and then would it talk...
  9. T

    Engwe Engine Pro fender noise

    I just received my bike today and my only complaint is the rear fender making annoying sounds. Anyone have a cure for this besides removing it? Everything is tightened down. Nothing is rubbing on it. It's just flimsy.
  10. T

    ENGWE ENGINE X (EU) battery question

    So i have the ENGINE X (EU) , and i want to buy a spare battery. I see an offer on a german store with 97% rating that offers a ENGINE PRO battery (which is the same bike with a stronger motor) battery with identical specs and form factor with only the difference that mine is 13 AH and that one...
  11. C

    What brake pads fit the Engwe Engine Pro?

    Does anyone know what brake pads fit the Engwe Engine Pro, they are Logan Disc Brakes but can't find the size of pads
  12. Wetlines1

    "Yolin YL-81C Display" on a Engwe M20

    Yolin YL-81C I somehow got into a P8 screen and now I can NOT get passed it. I've tried 1212, + _, power, unplugging and Battery removal but everything goes back to the P8 Screen. Does anyone have any solutions? I am working with Engwe but progress has been very sloooooow.... Also not...
  13. E

    Engwe P26 250w performance / tork

    I have recently got an Engwe P26 and I am a little puzzled about the strength of the motor. This has a 250W motor in read wheel, and when I use it in "high speed" - like 15km/h and more it is great. It has a 7 gear Shimano. Battery life seems good - around 40% left after 35km usage. The thing...
  14. J

    Derailleur Hanger for Engwe Engine Pro

    Hi, looking for the above. Engwe don’t seem too good at replying to requests for spares. It looks like the pictures attached and seems very similar to Otto “Rear hanger for T500 / XT700 / XT700 Plus” (who don’t ship to my location unfortunately). Many thanks.
  15. J

    Engwe Logan Hydraulic Brakes - Hose Replacement

    Hi, first time with hydraulics. I was about to swap the pipes left-to-right, but noticed the front brake pipe has been kinked at the factory. Levers and callipers are branded ‘Logan’ and the callipers have ‘2207’ on them. Levers are embossed “mineral oil”. How can I determine the correct pipe...
  16. J

    8mm tube bolts - 86mm (Engwe Engine Pro rear suspension)

    Hi, as has been written elsewhere, the rear suspension pivot mechanism is very tight on my new Engine Pro due to the bolts used to secure it through the frame being slightly too short. It binds both against the bolts, and the frame itself on one side. The manufacture provided bolts for the...
  17. J

    Engwe Engine Pro Cruise Control

    Hi, I’ve recently got an Engine Pro which I’m very much enjoying. It’s fitted with a Digitech BC281 controller by Riding Evolved. I wondered how to operate the cruise control on it? The symbol shows up on the display with long press of “+” but it doesn’t seem to really do anything? Many thanks!
  18. Daveturbo

    Engwe poor after sales

    Before making the decision to purchase an Engwe e-bike, I feel it's important to share my personal experience with the company and their product. I bought my Engwe e-bike in March 2023, and within a short span of time, I ran into technical issues with the bike. When I reached out to Engwe's...
  19. OutlawRider

    Is this a good match... OR ?

    I'm looking to get an e bike that would be appropriate for my situation. I'm 64, weigh 250# and would like to be able to ride in city, beach or out in the country. I am about to go in for lower back surgery. Once corrected soon, I expect to be able to ride not long after. I enjoy camping and...
  20. jimbo5

    Upgrade rear shock on Engwe engine pro

    Looking at upgrading my rear shock on my Engwe engine pro. Saw on Amazon a lady do hers on same bike and she told me what size and bushings to get. JFOYH 150mm 1000lbs coil - oil adjustable . Looking to improve my ride because all my back surgeries I've had and I like riding smooth ground for...