Unsure what would work, given my needs


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Jul 30, 2023
Hey, new to all of this, and I have a lot of specific things I am after in an Ebike in order to fit my needs/desires. I am not even sure that there is something that would work, but I love the idea of it. So, starting out, I'm disabled and 330lbs. So they are serious limits, I know. Had multiple spine surgeries, gained weight from physical inactivity, and here we are. I like the idea of a bike that can also get me home if the pain gets too high and I can't pedal/at least have an assist. Why would I ride a bike if I may just get stranded due to pain? Ebikes may be my answer.

A little about my desires for the bike itself and its role: I'm looking for something similar to a dirtbike/dual sport in capability. Range is needed, preferably 70 miles or more. I already know that ain't cheap, nor on the beginner tier. This may end up being a buy once cry once ordeal, so I'm swinging for the fences, see what reality has to say. I may be dreaming about what I want. I'm in PA, so I planned on driving both roads and then into the mountains on the paths I used to fourwheel on. So I'd say good torque, range, and speed are needed. I initially saw the CAB Motorworks Recon, but the price with add-ons quickly goes crazy. But the idea of it makes me feel it may be possible to find something I could use.

I also hoped to be able to have it carry some supplies, like on a Mosko Reckless or similar. But as far as I have seen, not much in the way of carry capacity out there for ebikes. I'm not even sure that Mosko would work, even being a rackless design. So does anyone use theirs to go out in the woods and camp from it?

So overall, I assume with my weight alone I will need something high output. Power and torque. I also need a solid battery, able to either go long distances or support off road travel. I have seen Enduro Ebikes, and some of the higher end 12000w seems likely the area I'd need to look towards. Pricey, especially for my initial foray into Ebikes. But with what I want to do and my health issues, I am not sure what else would be capable.

Sorry for the length, I looked for something similar, but felt my situation specific enough to need a lengthy, mind numbing, sleep inducing description. I'm not looking at an immediate buy either, so I have time before I pull the trigger on this. I have also seen bike kits, but I have never done something that complex. I love the idea of it, as I love knowing what I am using and how to work on it. But just walking into this, the options for that are all over the place, and I need more knowledge before I could attempt builting it, let alone just choosing the parts needed.

Thanks for your time. I've been looking for months on my own, but decided I definitely need advice. Thanks again.


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May 7, 2022
This might be a good fit. It accommodates a rider up to 350 pounds and they have options for heavier riders.