Unidentifiable Battery


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Jan 19, 2023
Hey all! I have a XLD Brainpower Motor Controller XB1550. I will list a bunch of images below so you can reference as much as you want. I work with computers so I will try to list as much information as I can.


I don't know much about these, but here is what I do know.
- It's using DV 48V for power delivery
- It has a current limit of 30A to prevent over current
- It is created by some "Zhuhai XUNLIDA Electronic Technology Co. Ltd." company (No email, number, but they are Chinese)
- It supports the S866 display
- I am unable to identify the make and model of the motor (rear wheel photo)

The connectors used for the battery are XT60 for the charger and SB350 for the power delivery to the controller.

My issue is that this controller seems to be unknown as well as the battery.

I don't know where I can find a replacement battery or where I can find more information about my existing one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Try amazon. 12, or 13S will most likely work, maybe 14S. 50.4V, 54.6V, 58.8V. If you can open the controller and find a voltage marking on some capacitors, this will define the upper limit. Then, it is just a matter of finding a size that will fit in the bike, and likely splicing a connector or two. Get pre-made pigtails. SB350 not very common, but the pigtails are cheap.

Unknown controller or battery not really an "issue". Other than "it works", or "it does not work", what exactly do you need to know about the factory in china which made that particular one, but likely makes something else now, and the one you have is now made somewhere else, in a different building.
48v li-ion e-bike batteries are 13s type. Best price is on Aliexpress. I’d try a battery before replacing the control box.