Trek T-80+ replacement battery


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3:06 PM
May 6, 2020
I’ve had a Trek T-80+ for almost 10 years. I have loved it . The bike itself is in excellent condition though I find the range on battery to be diminished. What are my options for increasing range of battery and at what cost? Thanks for your guidance.
I'll bet that bike has a BionX system on it. You can get it rebuilt / upgraded for around $350-$400.
Just some questions, how much more battery power will I get, will the connection still work, and how long will the job take? Thank you.
Your battery is probably at about a 10 A/H capacity now. It would be rebuilt to a 14 A /H. It takes a week or less depending on who rebuilds it. The connections will be the same. Check out this ebike battery repairer in Southern California for example.