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    750 watt mid drive bafang Trek Hybrid Commuter - Lowering Level 1 Power

    Hi all, I have 750 and 1000 watt bafang mid drive bikes, the 750 version is on a trek hybrid commuter, I find the power on the 750 watt is too much on level 1, can I reset the power ratio to a lower range level 1? Thanks in advance for any advice
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    ID this Trek ebike

    This is for sale locally for a reasonable price. No charger and unsure of battery status. I’d like to see what replacements are worth before making an offer. Any ideas?
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    Trek Powerfly + Coil Shock

    Has anyone fitted a coil shock to a Trek powerfly? keen to hear any feed back Cheers
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    My new Trek Powerfly LT 2019

    It was a long wait, but I finally got the Carbon versions of the 2019 Powerfly. And last week I got my 9.9 in size 21.5 I did a small first tour with 32km/20mls and 700m/2000ft climb. 35% ECO mode , 5% TOUR/EMTB mode and the rest without support. The bike is a dream: superb suspension, fine...
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    When to shift?

    Picked up my new Trek Verve Plus 2 today. Not sure when to shift. I have a Trek and a Bosch manual. One says to shift while pedaling, the other says to shift while not pedaling. Which is it?
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    Advice Grip Shifts & More. Turning a Trek XCaliber into a Electric Bike

    To start off I'm a newbie at doing work on bikes. My old diamondback response has never needed any work done on it since I got it back in 2002. I recently bought a 2018 Trek X Caliber 8 and I'm planning to convert it over to electric. I found the kit I plan to get from Electric Bike Outfitters...
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    Trek Powerfly review

    190 miles on mine since Dec.31 between norcal mud flows! Good tires, tubeless, better brake pads, and ergo adjustments were all it needed. Very impressive climbing the rocky stuff at Hogan. And it shreds the descents almost as well as my Hightower. I think our go-away-rain dance still needs...
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    Trek Domane+ HP7 or Specialized Creo

    Before I bought my first ebike I had narrowed it down to the Specialized Creo but at the last minute I decided since I was going to spend this kind of money I should go ahead and at least try the Trek Domane+ HP7. I tried the Domane first and really liked it. A few days later I tried the Creo. I...