1. G

    Anybody use Hyena app on their Trek FX2+ or other Hyena motor bikes?

    Using the Hyena app on a mounted phone with a Hyena hub motor bike such as a few of the Trek models, can you live monitor the active parameters such as speed, assist level setting, battery life, etc?
  2. B

    New Trek Verve+ 3 - Question about ...battery

    Hello, I've just bought a new e-bike Trek Verve+ 3. The seller tell me I have to use the battery to zero, three times, and charge it to 100%. I've always heard that batteries should never go to zero before recharging. What's more, he advises me to store the bike with a full battery if I'm...
  3. pagheca

    A year and a half of Trek Powerfly 7 Full Suspension

    To be honest, having only owned and used my Trek Powerfly 9 FS, I can't say that it is better than this or that, or that it is worth every euro of the (€4800 !!!) price I paid. Consider I choose it from the very limited models available where I live for the use I intended to do: a small...
  4. M

    How to override 4% minimum charge on Trek Hyena?

    Hi. Is there a way to override the feature that cuts power to the motor when battery charge is down to 4%? This is supposedly to save remaining power for lights, but I haven't hooked up any lights. I'd rather get a few more kilometers from the battery. Thanks
  5. pagheca

    Tires & Tubes Best tyres for my Trek Powerfly?? Help required!

    Good morning, as mentioned in another post, I want to change the "tubed" tires of my Trek Powerfly 7 F.S. to tubeless ones. A nearby store can do the job for me, however they sell the tires at absurd prices (Maxxis Asegai tires at over 100 € each!). However, they would have no problem fitting...
  6. M

    Tires & Tubes Just don't want a FLAT FRONT tire! Mousse, Tannus, or FlatOut (Or something better???)

    Hey all! I turned my hybrid Trek into a commuter bike and LOVE it! My only concern is that I hit a bit over 30 MPH on flat roads and have attained 53 MPH on steep down hills, and the only thing that ever worries me is a FRONT flat. I'm in my 60's and grew up racing dirt bikes, and we've used...
  7. T

    Carbon Wheels for Trek Allant 8?

    Hello other ebikers. Forgive the silly question. I am a traditional cyclist who enjoys riding lots of miles of all different kinds on different bikes. I would not have spent this much money but this year a Trek shop was closing and offered "it shall not pass this way again" it was so cheap so...
  8. B

    Creaking Fazua on Trek Domane

    Creaking only when motor and battery on bike and only when pedaling. When I take the unit off the bike no creaking. Any thoughts on how to stop this annoying sound? Thanks.
  9. pagheca

    Crazy price and specs for range extender - Trek Powerfly

    I am looking for the best solution to extend the range of my Trek Powerfly in a place were every road is steep (today: 56 km, 2970 m ascent... returned home with 14% charge!) and incurred in this "extender range battery by trek", costing 550€ for 165 Wh...
  10. A

    2 Electra cruiser bikes with fenders and two trek bikes. I need a hitch rack.

    I have two Electra cruisers with Fenders and a Trek 29er and a 24” trek that all need to go one a hitch mount rack. Any suggestions? Cruisers weigh 55 lbs each. The other two are 35 lbs and under. I have a truck with a 2” receiver.
  11. Entropy1024

    Trek FX+2 died

    I have a one month old Trek FX+2 that died this morning. It had a full charge and I was out riding to work and around 4km into my commute the assist died and all the LEDs on the handlebar controller went out. I turned it back on and got 5 green LEDs, then when I pressed the plus button to up...
  12. I

    My daily commuter finally stolen, so here i am

    Hi All. Thanks for having me. I purchased a 2018 Trek Marlin 7 with a BBSHD and a large battery, rear mount and fenders, almost 5 years ago, and it was stolen in Philly last Thursday. I am so sad. I feel like a cowboy might feel after losing their beloved horse. I am gutted. To make it even more...
  13. Entropy1024

    Trek FX+2 charger issue, needs resetting?

    TLDR: Trek FX+2 won't charge, no LED on charger, bike charge lights initially come on for 5 seconds then go out. Was told charger needs resetting, but no idea how you do that. Video of issue below. I have a new Trek FX+2 commuter bike and since day one I've had some charging problems...
  14. M

    Gears - Top gears not working - BBS02

    Hello, Ive posted here before and everyone was very helpful, so thank for that. I have a trek 7x which i fitted with a bbs02 with a gear sensor. However, The 2 highest gears will not stay in gear, and will continually slip down, cause the engine to briefly shut off, and then regear itself. I...
  15. sparrow91

    Trek Allant+8 battery not receiving charge

    Hi guys I have a trek allant 8+ but the battery is not receiving charge I purchased a new charger but it is still not charging any ideas on how to 1 diagnose the fault and 2 repair the problem??? I am thinking that it has to do with the bms
  16. A

    For Sale 2021 Trek Domane +HP Road Bike (60cm)- Denver

    For sale- 2021 Trek Domane +HP electric road, 60cm. Bosch Performance Speed drive system with 500wh Power Tube battery. Shimano GRX 1x11 drivetrain and brakes. Perfect cosmetic and functional condition- needs nothing and ready to ride! One former bike mechanic owner since purchased new directly...
  17. R

    after 1500 hard miles would I buy another Trek Rail?

    I ride this tuned modded 2021 rail all over the country heres my honest feedback and year later.
  18. R

    1st Rides on Trek Rail5

    Hello, I recently purchased Trek Rail5 and I am really enjoying it. I have not been mountain biking in recent years because of age and issues that come with it. But Now.. Its awesome. I am able to get back into the woods in the Poconos where I live and it feels great. Today I was over in...
  19. N

    Need Input for Trek Farley 7 Build

    This is m first time posting here and have been using the search function extensively to answer most of my research questions (thanks to all of you just for that!) but I'm still coming up short and/or looking for confirmation on my approach to building my first e-bike. My plan is to use a 2022...
  20. E

    Swytch kit install on a carbon fibre Trek 5500?

    Am I going to chew up or destroy my front fork with a Swytch kit? Anyone have experience on carbon frames?