Tires & Tubes Tire wear is puzzling?


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Oct 8, 2023
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I just put 200 mi on my Lectric XP 3.0, I checked my tires the other day while doing maintenance, the rear tire is showing far more wear then the front tire. I weigh 205 lbs and inflate the rear tire to 32 # and the front to 28 #. This gives me a smooth ride on the cinder and blacktop trails I ride. I don't spin the tires. What mileage should I expect on my tires? Is the pressure I run at killing my tires?
Most of the weight is on the rear tire.

Better-quality tires will last longer. Tires which are inflated to their max pressure, or very close to it, will last longer.

I have no clue the quality or specs for your tires, not likely either is above average.
You can expect rear tire wear to exceed front tire wear. Thats normal for any bicycle, analog or electric. My LBS once told me its a 3:1 ratio which sounds about right. All the weight is on the back.

For many years I rotated my tires, and this is commonly done. Wear out the rear tire, move the front one to the back, replace the front. Or literally rotate the rear forward after a few thousand miles so you get even wear. Many years into the game, I finally stopped doing that, as I decided it was pointless extra effort and I was just feeding an OCD impulse.

Tires are going to wear so just replace the one that is worn out. Let the front one last forever if you like, being mindful of the casing's integrity over time. Also tires are typically best performing at their max cold inflation rating on the sidewall. Don't overdo that. If you want a smoother ride, its better to address it in different ways, but if you can get away with it (and you might not) you can underinflate. Remember the psi/bar rating on the side of the tire is cold pressure so don't read it after riding or while the bike is sitting in the sun. Know that it will increase past the sidewall rating in normal use and thats fine.