Rims The widest possible tire on the rim


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10:51 PM
Jun 24, 2022
I want buy the widest 26" tire that fits my rim.

Now, the manufacturer of the rim states in the instructions that the tire can fit up to 2.10 on the rim.

But the new tire that I will take is available in 2.00 and 2.20 variants.

If I take the first one, it would be a little below the branch.

And would it be possible to put 2.20 on it, does it matter? Or not cross the border of 2.10"?

Thank you.
You can fit wider tires onto rims, but just the overall profile of the tire once inflated would not be the same as you use a different width rim.

You should be more concern about the tire clearance against the frame or fork when fitting wider tires.