Repair (if possible), donate, trade-in (if possible) or ride into the ground?


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3:15 PM
Mar 2, 2024
Folsom, CA
Looking for advice.

I have a 3+ year old Himiway Cruiser w/ a hair over 2,700 miles on it. For the last 700-800 miles, there is a weird grinding noise from the motor. I still ride it fine, but that grinding noise is, literally, like nails on a chalkboard. Think it might be the planetary gears or the magnets inside, so is this something that can be repaired reasonably?

Also, my front forks are shot. I am looking to have those replaced but would like a repair estimate before I do since this bike, while I love it still, is not worth a ton on the resale market at this point, so don't want to spend more to repair (or even near) as I would on a new ebike. I’d consider trading it in on something else, even though I just bought a new Himiway A7 Pro.

I can't see how this bike with 2,700 miles on it, which I've ridden hard (lots of scratches, etc), potential repairs needed, etc is worth much more than a few hundred $$$.
Other considerations include donating it, riding it into the ground or, if possible, trade it in on a new bike. If anyone has any ideas of what making these repairs might potentially cost or other ideas, I'd appreciate it.