Fazua Evation 1.0 Bottom Bracket Ratchet Slips


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7:53 PM
Mar 3, 2024
Hi All, I'm a newbie here.
We have a Boardman Hyb 8.9 ebike purchased from Halfords UK in 2020 which has recently developed a serious drive problem. The pedal cranks frequently disengage from the drive so they turn but the bike doesn't move and makes a loud clicking noise. This occurs with or without the motor drive unit installed and obviously the bike can't be used safely not knowing if you're able to pedal it. Without the motor unit, holding the 3 lobed input shaft on the bottom bracket so it can't turn, repeatedly turning the crank forwards it feels like the freewheel ratchet is not always engaging and slips a few notches.
Does anyone else have experience of this? Is it possible to get the bottom bracket repaired or is it a case of replacing the bottom bracket? Also I read somewhere that the bottom bracket needs to be "married" with the drive unit, what does this mean?