Fazua bottom bracket fault


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Feb 3, 2023
Hi folks, first time ever posting on a forum, so please be gentle.

This is definitely my own fault but, other than buying a new, complete bottom bracket, I don't know where turn and need help.

I have a 6 month old Vitus E-Substance running the Fazua Ride 50 system. Whilst cleaning, I disconnected the speed sensor with the battery connected, on reconnecting the system has development a number of faults: motor cuts out frequently, system won't boot up at all, reboots frequently, or flashes a white error code LED. Running the diagnostics, I get the "bottom bracket service" or "bottom bracket hard fault" error messages.

Any ideas? All help appreciated, thanks

I would suggest you contact you nearest Service dealer, NOT retailer in whatever country your in. They can investigate and reset.
Thanks for the reply. I contacted Fazua directly and they were quick to respond, suggesting pretty much the same thing. I live in the North of England and can't find a service dealer anywhere. Given my mistake that caused this issue, I shouldn't be let loose with a screwdriver but feel I have no option but to attempt a repair myself, just need to know what I'm replacing and where to get the bits. Tanks again.
I would not suggest a DIY repair as the Fazua system is designed to be unservicable. Trust me I unfortunately know. A new Bottom Bracket will set you back £500 plus dealer fit as it has to me married to motor. Similar for motor etc.

Aslo, as you pulled the connectors off (the 3 on the bottom bracket) just check that all four pins in each connector attached to the bottom bracket still upright in connector. They are very fragile and connectors must be put on correctly or they can bend / break. They are suppose to be good for 200 on/off but they are not.

Contact TrueNorth in Leek staffs. He can advise of your nearest premier dealer to you, The Fazus web site is absolute rubbish for finding sevice dealers.