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    Fazua - customizing the ride

    I have a Trek Domane lt+ with the Fazua Evation 50 system. With the default settings I found that the assist was not working well for long steep climbs. With those settings you have to maintain a high cadence to get good assist but on a long steep climb I simply could not maintain the rider...
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    Creaking Fazua on Trek Domane

    Creaking only when motor and battery on bike and only when pedaling. When I take the unit off the bike no creaking. Any thoughts on how to stop this annoying sound? Thanks.
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    Fazua60 - Canyon Roadlite:on 5 - Pairing Code

    Hi All, does anyone know how to get the pairing code using the toolbox software? I have a Canyon Roadlite:ON 5 and I guess the code I got with the bike doesn’t work and I can’t connect the app via Bluetooth. The app/mobile phone sees the bike but after providing the code nothing happens...
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    Fazua 250X battery

    Here is July and still no Fazua 250X batteries available. Porsche purchased Fazua and I suspect the goal is an electric car, not e bike batteries. Trek has gone to Bosch and Ride 60 series powered e-bikes. So between Porsch, Trek, and Fazua we Trek e-caliber bike owners are pedaling dinosaurs.
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    Fazua motor cuts out

    Hi, I have a Boardman e-bike with a Fazua Ride 50 Street system, all software and firmware up to date. I had test rides on several mid & rear hub motors but could not get one with the Boardman (from Halfords) - however I ordered the Boardman because of it’s weight and on-line reviews. The...
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    Fazua 2.16 download?

    Hi can any one please explain in simple terms about the latest fazua 2.16 update
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    Fazua bottom bracket fault

    Hi folks, first time ever posting on a forum, so please be gentle. This is definitely my own fault but, other than buying a new, complete bottom bracket, I don't know where turn and need help. I have a 6 month old Vitus E-Substance running the Fazua Ride 50 system. Whilst cleaning, I...
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    Fazua speed hack

    Hi All, anybody help with fazua speed hack all i want is more top end speed to keep up with my son many thanks
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    Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 - Fazua Drivepack Issue

    I hope you are all ok and you had a good Easter. I have a Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 Race Disc E-Bike 2019. My Fazua system stopped working over the weekend. I obviously noticed this mid ride when the assistance was gone…. I also noticed that the top led was intermittently flashing red. I charged...
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    Second Battery for Fazua EVATION BATTERY 250X?

    Has anyone been able to purchase a second battery for their Fazua drive unit?
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    Fazua weak motor

    I bought a Fazua equiped E-bike wanting a light frame and extra assistance from the electric motor uphill. What I got was a badly designed Fazua installation which gives almost no noticeable assistance, is much heavier than a standard racer and the controls of the battery (forces you to remove...
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    Fazua Evation Drive System Problems

    Have any users of the Fazua system had any problems with the motor coming on and going off rapidly when pedalling up steep hills at low cadence? Any other tips from users who have been using the Fazua system for a while would be useful.
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    WTB: Fazua Drive and Battery

    I’m looking for a Fazua drive unit and battery to build up a homegrown road bike. I reached out to Fazua NA and they said they wouldn’t sell to any parties other than manufacturers. Any suggestions?