Fazua - code 30 Bottom bracket not detected


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Mar 14, 2024
Hi, not sure if this is a common issue or just me. Boardman e-bike with Fazua Ride 50 Evation, working fine one day then came for my ride yesterday and permanent Red light on handlebar 'Remote b' . All other LED's light correctly but no power to bottom bracket. I have removed all dirt and sprayed all contacts with electrical spray to make sure contacts are all clean. No Joy. Connected to Fazua Toolbox and made sure all firmware is up to date. Ran Diagnostic report and error codes
'76 - I2C Transfer',
'8 - Gear Temp Sensor'
'30 - Bottom bracket not detected' were identified.

Any one else had/resolved this problem?

did you do the diagnostics with the motor in the bike? if not you get the HW error 30.
I have 2 batteries and when upgrading firmware I have to repeat the process with each battery mounted in the motor. If not I get funky errors and unpredictable behavior. Re-flashing the firmware is also helping out when having problems. I haave to do this monthly especially in the winter as fazua ride 50 doesn't like it below 0. If I keep the bike indoors it works, leave it outside and it refuses to engage the motor drive. I will never buy fazua again, but I have to live with my current bike some more years. When everything works its reasonably good with the upgraded firmware, but initially it was terrible and the fact that I have to take of the motor to charge the battery every time ruined my initial plastic locking mechanism. I got a new metal one which works better, but still why do I have to take of the motor to turn the bike on? And it sleeps after 7-7.5hr so every time I finish work I have to open the motor and turn on the bike. that is a minimum of 440 battery mechanism operations a year. I have had it for 3 years now and I use the bike in the weekends and holidays as well so probably 600 operations a year, the wear and tear from that is plain bad design.
Yes, diagnostics done with battery in situ.

The bike has now been with Halfords since 16th March. They have been in contact with Fazua but still no solution. As a last resort Halfords are getting in a new Boardman cycle in order for them to see whether the issue is with the battery itself as opposed to the motor, despite the battery showing full charge and diagnostics indicating battery condition is good. Fair play to my local Halfords store who are pulling out all the stops to seek a solution. The Fazua motor is out of warranty and I wonder just how interested Fazua are in identifying the fault and offering a solution?

As you say, really pleased with the bike and motor when it works, but the lack of quick solution following the diagnostics makes you wonder how good the diagnostic tool is? Fortunately, I have a second (manual) bike to use so the delay in repair at the moment is frustrating but not critical.

It might become critical when I find out how much a repair is going to cost me! :)