Swytching away from Switch?


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12:29 PM
Jun 13, 2023
Can anyone point me to methods and kit for replacing the battery and connectors on my Switch kit? I've had my 2nd generation Switch for about 2 1/2 years and it has developed an intermittent power failure tried to the connection between battery pack and connection block. So it all works ok until it stops working! And it will start/stop repeatedly. So the motor is fine and I've been happy with the whole thing until it developed this fault. Swytch customer care have responded pretty quickly - but now they say 'the kit has now reached the end of its life'. I can upgrade with a new generation battery pack and connection block for £300 - not delivered until September! I'm not very impressed!

What're the alternatives? Does anyone out there know of the ways and means to get a new battery etc that could connect to the Switch motor?
If there were a lot of people who thought this was a good and worthwhile idea, there would be lots of solutions available.

There aren't.

It can be done, but it is not either a good or worthwhile idea.