Quick question about Bosch tuning for greater range on Trek Rail?


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Aug 12, 2021
Hi all!
Sorry for the 1 post quickie!
I have the chance to ride a Trek Rail 5 (or 7) this evening with probably the possibility of purchasing the bike.
My question is if the Bosch ecu can be "tuned" for greater range? I'd rather not purchase the bike without the possibility of extending the range. One of the e-bike guys already has a Specialized e-bike with a battery that gets around 15 miles greater range.
I don't want to "tune" for speed, but for range...

Thanks in advance, (sorry if posting so quickly after registering!)

Hi there looks like there is a solution for you. Both the Trek Rail 5 and Trek Rail 7 come with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor which is supported by the sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus for Bosch which is a plug in tuning dongle:

Tuning also voids your Bosch warranty I believe, you can read about that here:
Awesome reply! Thanks for the info.
I'll post my thoughts on the Rail later.
But the ECOplus sounds like it would help out in the area of greater range and possibly with the rideability of the Rail.

The Rail is working pretty darn good!!
For the first few rides, she seemed to "stutter" when getting near the maximum speed setting. Then she would stutter going down a hill at the limit, but not present any assist when climbing (going up the other side of a rolling hill). It was like the Rail didn't know what speed it was traveling at. Not great when you're not going at the limit, but the bike thinks you are!
I ended up trying a different magnet on the rear disc. I went from the one that looks like a mini loaf of bread to the one that looks like a coin.
So for now, she's working fine.
I'm going to experiment with the EMTB setting and see what kind of range I can see.
From Bosch literature:
With a maximum torque up to 75 Nm strenghtens the engine the driver's personal contribution between 120 % und 300 %.