Tires & Tubes Best tyres for my Trek Powerfly?? Help required!


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9:22 PM
Jun 2, 2023
Good morning,

as mentioned in another post, I want to change the "tubed" tires of my Trek Powerfly 7 F.S. to tubeless ones. A nearby store can do the job for me, however they sell the tires at absurd prices (Maxxis Asegai tires at over 100 € each!). However, they would have no problem fitting the tires that I get myself.

At this point, since I am no longer tied to their stock availability, I am asking if you can give me some advice on what is best to buy.

1) the bike is quite heavy. With me and accessories it is over 120 kg.
2) I use it mostly on (relatively) challenging dirt roads
3) I'm not a kid (er, 65) but I do a lot of downhill and mountain riding, so I need a lot of grip on the terrain, usually stony and/or muddy. The paths here are often covered with very sharp, pointy stones
4) sometimes I also ride on asphalt, but only to get to off-road trails. Not a priority to have the best feeling there.
5) it is also very important to have tires that do not puncture. Kevlar insert?

My questions:
1) I have read that it is often better to mount different front tires than rear tires. Make sense, but Is this essential?
2) given all the above, what tires do you suggest?
3) the wheels on my bike are 29 x 2.4". Will 2.5" be ok or is 2.3" better in case 2.4" does not exist?

thank you to all who will have the will and time to read and respond to my questions. And happy holidays, everyone!