MY18 Motor problems


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3:01 AM
Sep 8, 2023
Puerto Rico
About a year ago I got a cheap ($150), 450 watt, throttle only ebike kit with an MY18 motor from L-Faster through Amazon. A couple of weeks back it started to lose power and hesitated on start, these are symptoms of brush problems so I removed the motor back cover and, to my surprise, there is no gasket. As you can see from the photos, water got inside and the motor casing is rusted. One of the brushes was stuck (red square). Fortunately the bearings are sealed. QD contact cleaner released the brush and gasket compound solved the problem for the future. I suggest anyone using these type of motors save yourself some problems by looking to see if a gasket is visible.

hey mate how much it cost you to get a new motor and really what is that?
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