Hello. I am from Frederick, Maryland, USA. My husband and I have retrofitted TourEasy recumbent bicycles with TSDZ2 motors.


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3:17 PM
Mar 30, 2024
Maryland, USA
We retrofitted the TourEasy recumbents in the fall of 2021 with the TSDZ2 motors and have ridden about 10,000 miles since then . Recently, my husband’s C3 controller starts flashing “communication error, 30H”. We do not know what is wrong as the pedal assist still works but sometimes the throttle doesn’t work from a standing start but only after he gets the bike rolling. We do not know if the error is related to the throttle problem or if it is a different problem. After about 5 miles of riding with the controller flashing 30H, the screen goes back to the normal readings even though we did not do anything other than keep on riding. Anyone have any ideas? We have checked all the connecting wires to make certain they are clean and tight.