My Turbo Levo Demo has me blown away!


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4:45 AM
Jul 19, 2020
What I mean is...I am pretty much looking at the overall concept of MTN Biking and how it should be done.

I am just amazed how awesome the bike really is. The bike took me places I have never been before.

And it's still a great workout. Got 21 miles out of a full battery with a bunch of Techy Long Climbs.

For years i hauled my wife around on a tandem, it was back breaking work,way harder than solo biking. I'd pretty much given up on riding with her when the Levo ebikes came on the scene. My wife tried one and we were sold.

We're on our second Levo, got the FSR this time.
I also got one for my wife. She likes the traction of the wide tires, and can ride with my son and I without exhausting herself. We're doing a family mini-vacation this weekend at Sedona. She's looking forward to riding!
I have also realized we have Anti E-Bike Nazis. Huge amounts of negative sentiment around these bikes. What gives?
I too was blown away. It felt just like a bicycle. Only it took the sting out of the long climbs. It was one of the most fun I've had on a bicycle riding regular trails. I was stoked to ride it even on rides where it was 20% down and 80% up. Hope the hate and misunderstanding calms down and everyone can enjoy it too. Would be a shame it got banished into history simply over a lack of understanding and people's inability to share.
Illegal to ride for the most part where I ride( MA) Lots of trail conflicts in my area with user groups, mt bikes, hikers, dog walkers and horsey folks. Lots of people, on limited trails. Many areas of the US have plenty of space and less people, less user conflicts.
Yeah, it's reinvigorated my love of mountain biking.Doing rides and climbing places I'd have never considered before.
LOL yeah and your just getting started my e biked changed my life for the better , why no I don't think they will catch on I mean why would they ?? . I have found I ride slower down hills now and stopping or slowing down for a hiker is no big deal it even gives me a chance to say hi and nod to them , and now you may find your fav part of a trail is now a up hill section .