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    Specialized Levo Rapid Chain Wear

    Wow, had specialized levo for six months and chain is already worn out. Admittedly I enjoy doing aggressive climbs on extremely steep trails with the electric assist, but expected the chain to last at least a year. Going to try sram Electric assist chain as a replacement for the stock KMC since...
  2. B

    battery problem turbo levo 29 ht

    I got a new turbo levo battery 460 w/h, but its health is only 97%. I expect 100% of the new battery, has anyone ever had such a problem? On the old battery, health is 100% but the contacts do not work fine. What to do in this case? My local salesman is saying that this is tolerance and that he...
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    Specialized S-Works Levo - start up lag - issue on technical inclines

    Hello all, I was an early adopter of an eMTB five years ago with a BH neo jumper. Its old tech now, motor in the hub, but it had a brilliant torque sensor, Dutch invention, built into the chain stay. The moment tension on the top chain line was detected it switched the motor on. I've ordered an...
  4. G

    2017 Levo Comp 6 Fattie, XL, Gloss Candy Red / Hyper. Great deal $2950 firm

    First come, first serve. Please pm or call me. 864-921-9900. UPGRADED Fox Kashima coated Factory rear shock. All literature, charger etc.. A few scratches only from transport. Pedals not included. Could possibly ship. Call, text or PM. GRAB IT BEFORE IT HITS ALL THE WEBSITES AND MARKETPLACE...
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    Levo Frame Update ?

    With Specialized updating the frames on the Stumpjumper and other MTB’s will the Levo get the same redesign in 2019/2020 ?
  6. M

    Specialized Levo FSR - Broken tooth on cassette (SRAM 1130)

    Bike is 6 months old / 150 miles. Noticed some noise during the last ride and it appears that a tooth on the cassette's 5th cog has completely snapped off. (Not profiled!) It's a SRAM 1130 cassette. LBS tell me they need to send the cassette off to the distributor and get their view before I...
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    2018 Specialized Turbo Levo Expert - Ride Review / Video Log

    Hey guys, I've just picked up my new mountain bike - a Specialized Turbo Levo. I've never owned an E-mountain bike before, but after riding a few earlier this year in Tasmania on some classic trails, I decided that it would be my next bike purchase. I put together a first ride video-log, with...
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    Specialized Turbo Levo Issue

    My wife's bike has developed a noise / tick in the motor area. It sounds like something is intermittently rubbing plastic or metal as the motor rotates. It makes the noise regardless of if the bike is on or off. The sound is also not 1x1 with the crank rotation, meaning that the sound seems to...
  9. B

    Specialized turbo levo fsr Revelation 2018 fork setup

    Anyone have suggestion for fork setup for the Rock Shock 2018 Revelation. I weight 150lbs
  10. W

    Advice on connecting cabled remote Turbo Levo fsr

    My spec levo fsr expert is from 2016. I’ve had the common growing pains of this bike, but I love it. Recently my motor began to fail due to overheating. Specialized replaced it with the 2018 motor and new battery. Big thumbs up for specialized, they have been great. Now my problem. The new...
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    Levo battery in backpack.

    Hi, I am planning a multi day trans-alp trip with my Levo and need to carry a spare battery. Does anyone have experience with a backpack dat holds the long Levo battery? thank you very much! Geoff
  12. 2018 Specialized Comp Carbon.jpeg

    2018 Specialized Comp Carbon.jpeg

  13. Specialized LEVO HT 6fattie with trailer.jpg

    Specialized LEVO HT 6fattie with trailer.jpg

  14. 2017 Levo Comp Green.jpeg

    2017 Levo Comp Green.jpeg

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    Turbo Levo Expert - Red Light on Battery All The Time

    Hi, I just bought a Turbo Levo Expert demo from my LBS. I looked at it a long time and finally pulled the trigger today. The bike is in great shape, but there is one thing I am wondering about, but its probably just something I can't find in the manual. The last light on the battery (last 10...
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    Specialized turbo levo 2018 power control

    I have a 2017 specialized levo. i’m told from specialized and a dealer, that the 2018 power control will not work on the 2017. But I have read on various different forms people have easily installed the 2018 power control on a 2017. Has anybody done this
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    Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie - UK/US questions

    Great to have a dedicated e-mtb forum guys - balanced opinions etc - thanks! Injury and age are the 'excuses' I am sticking to to justify my interest in this bike...more likely it is 'FUN'...but I have a few questions. I currently live and work in the States, but will return to the UK in a few...
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    Specialized motor in the Turbo Levo 2018 line offers "instant engagement"?

    I am looking at the Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 2018 e-bikes. I've read on review sites that the Brose motor in the Turbo Levo bikes responds to cadence; so apparently if you are starting at the bottom of a hill and not strong enough to turn the crank, you will get no input or assist from the...
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    Anyone know if Turbo Levo FSR 2018 bikes come with the upgraded Brose Drive S motor?

    The Specialized website says that the Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie, Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie, .... come with "a new Specialized 1.3 motor that delivers 15% more power than the previous version. This also delivers a significant increase in efficiency, while our exclusive Rx Trail Tune at the motor...
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    Derailleur hanger specialized turbo levo

    I bent my rear derailleur and hanger. My local shop says the hanger is specific to the specialized turbo levo, although I have read it’s the same hanger used on most specialized mountain bikes such as camber, stump jumper, etc....whats true?