1. Topjimmy52

    Turbo Levo Speedbox 3.0

    Hello all Turbo Levo enthusiasts out there Just joined ebike forum and wanted to reach out to say hello and introduce myself. I live in Agoura, Ca and have been an avid cyclist for over 30 years. Yes, Im old but young at heart. Since my kids were born 20 yrs ago Ive been primarily a mountain...
  2. A

    Specialized Como 5 poor battery perfomance

    Why not to purchase a Specialised Ebike Having bought a Specialised Como 5 Ebike from Ark Cycles, Brimscombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire, at a cost of £4500, in Feb 2023. It is proving, due to its very expensive batteries very limited endurance, to be something of a major disappointment. The...
  3. "A"

    Specialized Globe Haul ST cargo ebike.

    Specialized launches its most affordable electric bike yet, the 28 mph Globe Haul ST utility bike $2700.. https://electrek.co/2023/03/09/specialized-globe-haul-st-utility-electric-bike/
  4. Lancer X

    Specialized Vado Turbo SL 5.0 EQ - please help confirm my choice!

    Hi folks. I'm a lapsed road cyclist. A bout of back problems and iron deficiency anemia had me off the wagon and 40 pounds heavier. With these health problems behind me, I'm ready to get back into shape and out in the big blue room! I have made the decision to go e-bike, and to use it to...
  5. G

    Older Turbo Levo won't sync with Mission Control

    Hi Everyone, I am new to EMTBs and to the group. I bought an older Specialized Levo and can't get the Mission Control app to identify the bike. Can anyone help please? It has the charge indicator on the side of the top tube. The boost power drops to a lower setting in use, and I was told this...
  6. W

    conversion info for Specialized Mountain bike

    I have a Specialized mountain/consumer bike. 18 speed. Is there any possibility of a electric assist conversion to something similar to the Vado type e bikes for my Specialized?
  7. T

    Specialized eBike Support Longevity (Vado SL)

    I am looking for some input from people whom have had a Specialized eBike for sometime. My wife and I will be getting her a Vado SL for her to ride that will allow us to ride distances that fits my needs. She is small and we are older. I enjoy 20+ mile rides and she cannot, especially with hills...
  8. lauraridesebikes

    Specialized TCU 2 visor cracked out of nowhere

    Hey there! Did anyone have had their Levo or Kenevo TCU 2 crack out of nowhere? I live in Brasil and had both my Levo and Kenevo screens crack without crashing or any misuse. I know of 2 other bikes where that happened, and I have tried 2 different Specialized Authorized Dealers to make a...
  9. W

    2017 como 2.0 bloks problem with motor running 2 revolution after pedaling?

    Como 2.0 problem with crank turns 2 revolution after not pedaling
  10. BikerNoob

    Does anybody have Turbo Vado?

    Hi everybody, long time lurker here. I am planning to get my first ebike and I'm confused between Trek and Specialized ebikes. My first option is Turbo Vado. Second option is e-caliber from Trek. Third option - none :-) I'm looking for the one that can easily cover about 20 miles a day and that...
  11. K

    Specialized Turbo Como $1000 for a replacement battery...

    Do not buy a Specialized Turbo Como unless you are prepared to spend $1000 for a battery when you need to replace it. Unconscionable
  12. P

    Turbo levo warranty

    I’m new hear in posting and joining. I have been an avid evoked for six years. Tomorrow is the second year of owning a levo. Tomorrow is also the day it gets out of the shop with its third motor. It is by far the best bike I have ever owned, two previous hai bikes one Bosch one Yamaha. Does...
  13. J

    2017 specialized turbo levo motor connector

    My motor cut out after a pdel strike. Is this a safety lockout, a loose connector, or where do I start?
  14. S

    Which? Giant Talon E+3 or Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0?

    My roads: no woods trails, but plenty of dirt, gravel, and rock on Adirondack mountain roads with steep grades. Grades trucks can handle. Not talking about the high peaks trails which are foot only and like steep staircases, but nice lonely dirt roads. Plus some highways at normal highway...
  15. B

    Mastermind TCU 2 - Turbo Levo Comp Alloy

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a Turbo Levo Comp Alloy and I would like to change out the TCU power switch to the Mastermind TCU 2 the new one that you can see a display with you speed and millage on it. I cant find it anywhere to purchase one, can anyone point me in the direction where I can...
  16. S

    Remove dropper post from Creo SL EVO?

    This should be easy… I’m trying to take off the dropper post that came with my Creo SL. I can’t get the post out of the bike to release the cable and I can’t figure out how to seperate the cable from the lever at the bars… Any tips? I was hoping I could release it on one end and pull the...
  17. S

    On bike storage options with Creo SL

    Just picked up a close out deal on a Turbo Creo SL comp and realizing that the storage methods I’m used to using on my other gravel bike won’t work… I typically use a small top tube bag that connects to the head tube and I can’t use that because the power controls would be covered. I also use a...
  18. D

    Specialized Levo Turbo SL Comp Issue

    I'm new to this forum, and am looking for some help from anyone who owns a Specialized Levo turbo SL. My Wife and I purchased two of these wonderful Ebikes a little over a year ago. After about 3 months my wife seemed to be getting in much better shape than I was. She was always kicking my...
  19. B

    New Specialized Como

    Just bought a 2021 Como 4.0 with large frame, pick it up tomorrow. Trying to figure out how to post in the Specialized ebike area but it's not working
  20. J

    S-Works Levo SL range extender

    Just ordered a 2021-22 Levo SL S-Works from my lbs. noticed S-Works no longer comes standard with a range extender. Any comments ??