My second schwinn etrike conversion project

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May 26, 2023
Detroit suburb
About one year after converting my 26" Schwinn Meridian to 48 volt electric my so my elderly, crippled wife could enjoy riding a bike for the first time in her life. A year later she passed and the bike has been sitting in the yard since. Now this year I find myself a 67yo veteran, one legged, cripple and without a car, so now I am refurbishing that bike with an all new, upgraded conversion setup so I can get around.

I have no dependable family and I am hoping I can recruit some help in refitting this bike with my all new "everything" kit and upgrades. I can let the helper have all the old gear that probably works and may be tested if I can hook up my new battery.


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I am still looking for a helping hand to rebuild my tricycle with all new components! Since I first built it, I lost my wife, my car and my left leg. I can't pay very much whilst on a fixed income (S.Sec &VA). I am near N.W Detroit area in Warren.

Please reply if you can help.

I have a question while I'm here. The Ebike I am rebuilding has been sitting outside for 5 years. Should I be concerned about rust in the bearings. The bike is a schwinn meridian tricycle conversion and was new just a year old before I abandoned it.
Can I just use a spray on chain conditioner/lube by squirting it into the bearings?
Yes but they must be Tumbled or somehow rotated and cleaned by friction of rolling around against eachother.

Possibly keep them intact but loosen the cone nut on the wheel where the bearings are then squirt some lube in there and turn the wheel for a bit..both ways....As long as everything feels ok then tighten the cone nut back up...not to tight...then report back here and we'll see what we can help with next ;)

Happy Holiday by the way :cool:
I have already slightly loosened the gooseneck bearings. Now all that's left on the Schwinn trike is the 2 back wheels, crank and chain!
I have already slightly loosened the gooseneck bearings. Now all that's left on the Schwinn trike is the 2 back wheels, crank and chain!
Ok so squirt sum lube in there, being sure they are not too loose, then gently rotate them back and forth until you feel as though they are good then tighten it back down but not to got this, fella :)
If you were down here in Virginia i'd say come on ovewr and i'll get it done for ya.

We'll do what we can to get you mobile brother.
you can use "brake cleaner" to blast old lube and dirt out of the bearings, removal and disassembly would be best- OTH what you are planning should work just fine make sure you get some No.2 lithium or whatever grease worked into the bearings,I do not really trust white grease for this app( there is such a thing as overlubing, )the main thing to remember is, its actually the oil or other type of lubricant that is suspended in the matrix to do the actual lubricating, you can almost look on some types of grease as a form of clingy non-soluable soap, just do not mix different types of grease such as sodium, aluminum, lithium or whatever matrix.( I have asked the chemists about this)
I wish I could help but I had my buddy convert my trike for me.

There is a guy that does that for a living not to far from you. he used to convert bikes over to motorized ones, he has expanded to ebikes as well

Hey, I would be happy to start up a mini go fund ya to help a mechanic get yer bike going.
That is very kind of you to offer. I called the person mentioned above and he insisted that I am to deliver it to him and pick it up afterwards. I am unable to be that mobile (I am stuck is a wheelchair and no access to car, a van or truck).

I'll figure something out.