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Apr 7, 2024
Breck Co. Ky
My name is Greg and I am a new prospect to ebikes. I am a regular road bike rider and still on my Schwinn World Voyager from 1973 that has been ridden 8 miles four days a week since new. Being 70 starts to hurt and to keep up with gkids on trails am thinking of a GT force 29 elite for riding a few miles with them on kids trails that aren't extreme. I don't want to invest a large amount because I can still ride my road bike on the pavement. Thanks for such a great site.
I'm only two years behind you and for me (since my wife has 2 MAHLE X35 bikes) the question wasn't if but when? Recently purchased a X20-equipped gravel bike which rides great with or without the assist. It's now pretty much the only bike I ride other than my "acoustic" shopping bike for errands (we have no car by choice) We're fortunate to have disposable income in retirement to replace our beloved steel road bikes. Hope your plans work out.
It is spelled “Voyageur”. I only know that cause I had to look up the bike. That, sir, is a sweet ride! If you are mechanically inclined, consider building your own eBike. I found it fun and therapeutic. In general, mid drive kits are better for hilly terrain but require more attention with the centerline. Front/rear hub kits are more affordable and better for flat terrain than hilly terrain.

Welcome aboard.
Chuy; I like the kit idea and am quite mechanically inclined. I hadn't considered the kit idea but may. Thanks Greg

Here's a pic of old faithful
World Voyager.jpg