lectric xp 3.0 motor issues(fixed)


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Sep 2, 2023
roch, mn
hi all! does anyone kno if there is a way to manually reset the motor? i had a crash earlier today and the pos system just straight up isnt responding, throttle or pedal assist. ive looked at all the pins and the connects and everything seems to be in working order, and no error code is showing up.

any thoughts suggestions? thanks in advance!
There is no "reset" on a motor. Most likely a loose, damaged, or broken wire.

Describe carefully and in some detail how "everything seems to be in working order." What lights come on? What lights FAIL to come on? Have you tested the battery voltage?

I CAN'T SEE IT FROM HERE. All diagnostic information comes from you.

For starters, Looking At the pins and wires is not sufficient. Test each individual pin for wobble or movement, examine VERY CAREFULLY where the wires enter the hub motor axle, thou I do not know if this is hub or mid drive, because you have not described this basic fact and also supplied no picture or link and I CAN'T SEE IT FROM HERE.
So, I don't have voltage testing equipment, no lights fail to come on, and as I stated before, no error code is displayed.

And as an FYI, I used to deal with electrical repairs on vehicles, so I know what I'm looking for in that department.

And I know you can't see it from there. I was looking for extra suggestions, not nessisarily a complete diagnosis.

Altho thank you for the hub drive suggestion. I will take a close look at it tonight
If you crashed on the side where the wires exit the axle, that is almost certainly where the problem lies. Very common, soft insulation is scraped against hard metal, shorts or complete cuts frequently occur. Should be 8-9 seperate wires, three thick, 5 thin, maybe one-two more. Shorting any one of the primary 8 could cause what you have, several combinations mean major repairs required.

It is odd that you get all indications of power, no error messages, and it just does not work. Focus on throttle and pedelec connectors, completely disconnect each one and test, seperately.

For instance, if I turn my bike on with throttle partly or fully engaged, nothing will happen, until I move throttle fully off, then back on again. If throttle was bashed enough to move the internal sensor, you could have similar problem without it being obvious.. So remove it from the equation, unplug it. If you have a spare throttle, test with that.

Also, if you have lights, horn, radio, radar, anti-theft, etc., disconnect EVERYTHING not absolutely necessary to make it go, and test.

If you do not have a DVM, get one, essential ebike test equipment. 2 digits past the decimal are ideal, but not mandatory. Use a fresh battery in the meter.

I do not understand the concept of looking at a problem without doing a complete diagnosis.

One of the reasons I know so many ways to solve a problem, it when people, like YOU, report back on exactly WHAT was causing their particular problem, and how they fixed it. Only about 10% ever report back with this vital information, which helps the entire ebike community.

Be one of those people.
OK figured it out. Brought it up to the shop and a magnet in the throttle assembly was knocked out of place.

The things you can do with the right tools......
The lectric xp 3.0 with manual brakes was recalled. Idk if yours falls within this category or not. Figured it was worth mentioning.